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  1. Hi Jon, How’d you go? Did you get your hands on a late model sapphire mk 2? I’ve got one for sale currently.
  2. Hi Jon, A very old thread. But how did you go getting some info on the sapphire?
  3. Hi Revel, Where abouts are you located? I own a 1999 Sapphire mk2 and the aircraft is located in Ararat, Victoria. Happy for you to come and have a chat about it if it’s not too far for you? Brendon.
  4. The test flight went great! But to be honest, I only got a short video of the take-off. My brother got more photos on his camera. I will chase some up :)
  5. Hi Bruce. Sorry for the late reply. In regards to gliding, this is how I got onto flying. I've been gliding for about 6 years. My late grandfather used to own a sapphire, and this one come up for sale so that's why I bought it. Test flight went great. Just finishing off my RPL on Ballarat at the moment.
  6. G'day all. I own a sapphire and it's located in Ararat, Victoria. I am yet to fly it as I haven't quite finished my training. I am chasing someone with sapphire experience to test fly it. It hasnt flown since 2008. It has recently been re registered and fully checked out and signed off by an L2. If interested, send me an email to [email protected]
  7. Yeah good point. I will see what I can find. What's the rate per hour through you?
  8. I've recently bought a sapphire and am now seeking some tail dragger time and the endorsement
  9. Hi all. Just wondering if anyone knows of anybody that does RA aus tail wheel endorsements around the Ballarat area? Cheers Brendon
  10. Cheers Pete. Thanks for that!! Regards Brendon
  11. Hey all. I'm chasing someone with a level 2 maintenance rating to do a weight and balance and a condition report on my sapphire. It is hangered in Ararat, Vic. The guy I had lined up to do it has gone overseas for a few months and I kinda wanna get it all signed off as soon as possible. If anyone can help out, let me know :) I'm obviously happy to cover travel costs and whatever else. Regards Brendon
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