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  1. Cal Air 63

    Back in the Air!

    Second flight for the year so far, was to fly a couple of weeks ago, but the weather was not in my favor, today it was circuit work at YRED, weather was overcast and a bit windy but as usual the lesson was a hoot Brent A little snippet of the flight: https://youtu.be/koVPksTHXG8
  2. Flight Hours to date: 28.6 01st Solo, Completed Oct 20, 2017 Last Flight: Jan 12, 2018 Hi All, After a year away from flight training, I was back with Fly Now @ Redcliffe last friday for my first flight 0f 2019, we headed up to the training area at Bribie to re familiarize myself with the basics and getting use to the aircraft again, Weather was a tad bit hot with some crosswinds, a great day for flying regardless, a snippet of the flight in the link below Brent https://youtu.be/ws13OtgsN14
  3. Cal Air 63

    Tell us about your last flight

    Thanks for the tip, did not think of that, will try a different position for the vent next time Brent
  4. Cal Air 63

    Tell us about your last flight

    Yep, it was, Santa gave me a ANR Headset for xmas, it was magnified compared to my old set, at times Pete would tell me something and I had to ask him to repeat the question, someone needs their PTT button fixed Brent
  5. Cal Air 63

    Tell us about your last flight

    Well, what seemed like an eternity, but really just shy of 3 months since my last, I was back at YRED yesterday for my first flight for 2018, beautiful day weather wise, virtually no wind however it was extremely hot, what went wrong, take off was without flaps, transponder still on standby, thankfully as Peter stated, at least I did remember all the important bits, like flying the aircraft, lol, we headed out to the training area for some basics and get me back into the grove, despite the couple of foo ba's, it was a corker of a day and certainly reinvigorated my passion for flying again, back for another lesson in a month, cant wait! Brent
  6. Cal Air 63

    Site Upgrade

    "Feedback on the Clear Prop Shop" Having recently made my purchase, a ANR Headset (xmas prezzie from the missus to me), I received a call from Ian informing me that my choice was no longer available, he recommended another type which was in stock, slightly dearer, but Ian offered to cover the difference and I received the new headset a few days later, unfortunately I didn't get to have a play or looksee, bloody missus whisk it away and stashed if for Christmas Day, am liking the new Clear Prop Shop look, great customer service, thanks Ian Brent
  7. Cal Air 63

    Important Site Announcement

    I reckon at least 5 members on the committee, especially when it comes to voting on changes etc, minimum of 3 might swing the power onto 1? Brent
  8. Cal Air 63

    Important Site Announcement

    Hi Ian, I would like to help out if I can, qualifications thus far Team Leader - Logistics Student Pilot - RAAus Owner of Virtual Airline & Part Time Website Coder Mad on all things Aviation Brent
  9. Hi All, After a few non starts due to work, weather and me, I have completed my first solo, Pete was back in the right seat, lesson started out OK, we headed over to Caboolture for a couple of circuits and then back to Redcliffe for some more, weather was a corker, airport traffic was light, wind was blowing straight down 07, Pete called a full stop on my second to last circuit, hopped out and sent me on my way The celebratory woo hoo was a bit subdue, I still had Pete's words ringing in my ear, fly the airplane, fly the airplane, dont think about anything else, just fly the airplane and that the flight is not done until the aircraft is back in its hanger, so upon landing and then taxiing back to the hanger, after completing my post flight checks, I hopped out and danced a little jig There was some humor in the day, after getting all instructions from Pete upon taking off, he neglected to tell me to come back and get him, so Pete had the lonely walk back from the RWY 07 Hold Point to the hanger in what was quite a hot day temperature wise, kinda made up for all those proverbial clip around the ears he gave me now and then in my training Cheers, Brent
  10. Cal Air 63

    Tell us about your last flight

    Hi All, Back at YRED for another lesson today, Peter was not available, so I had the pleasure of Wayne's company in the right seat, Wayne and I have only flown together a few times in the past, he does a few things different to Peter, so it took a circuit or 2 to get on the same page as him but we had a few laughs along the way as well Weather again was a corker, only a small crosswind today, airport traffic was pretty quiet so we had the place to ourselves mostly, today's lesson was some more pre-solo work, dialing in some more tips & techniques with my circuits to get me ready for that all important first milestone, "The First Solo", as always I had heaps of fun! Brent
  11. Cal Air 63

    Turning opinions etc

    Make it 2000, wanna make sure we get our money's worth
  12. Cal Air 63

    Tell us about your last flight

    Hi All, Completed another lesson in 7440 at Redcliffe today with Peter, flying conditions were a bit better today compared to my last flight, airport traffic was pretty quiet this morning but still had a small crosswind that for a low hours pilot like me, tested me every circuit, but thanks to Pete, I learned some new skills to help me out when landing in these conditions Brent
  13. Cal Air 63

    Tell us about your last flight

    Hi All, Completed another lesson in 7440 at YRED with Peter from Fly Now, flying conditions were anything but normal today, winds were playing havoc with us today, one circuit we would be using 07, then the wind shifted and then next we are using 25, we were also getting a little bit bashed about with crosswinds as well Today was hopefully going to be about completing my first solo, but due to the conditions, I got to practice crosswind landings instead, first circuit was a shocker, but after the proverbial clip around the ears from Pete, I managed to get mostly everything dialed in properly and notched up some half decent crosswind landings Brent
  14. I am training in a Tecnam P92 Eaglet @ YRED Dual Hire (wet) $ 275 / hr incl, not sure on Private Hire Rates
  15. Cal Air 63

    Tell us about your last flight

    Yes, agree, it was my first time using RWY 30, we did get blown about a little bit at Caboolture but when we got back to Redcliffe, the air was so still, perfect for some circuit work