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  1. The "Supercowl" from curedcomposites.com These are as supplied to Flightstar here in the states. Very high quality, predrilled, hardware included.
  2. The fact that high noise levels cause fatigue is also enough of a reason by itself. Don't worry about engine noise, ANR can lock onto the phase of low frequency noise, but the clicks and clanks can't be acquired fast enough to be cancelled
  3. The tail surfaces on my wooden Heath Midwing replica were quite thick, so B worked well. My FlightWorks Capella flies nicely with just enough spring to hold the unbalanced elevator horizontal. I wouldn't have thought of it until I remembered the old Pipers had a powerful up spring, if it broke in flight you had to hold the nose up all the way home. Rinker Bucks' "Flight of Passage". They didn't know about the spring. When it broke inflight they thought they had a life-threatening problem. Of course, you would know better. Flight of Passage: A 15 and 17 year old take a PA11 across the USA in the early 1960's. Great book.
  4. Back in the 1960's the moaning began about what to do when the supply of 65hp Continentals dried up. You can still get them, and any part you need. I wouldn't worry about the 503. It still the most reliable 2-stroke out there. My friend and I both tried Hirths, but went back to 503's. I hope the MZ's work out, but I'm done being a pioneer.
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