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  2. Sorry to spoil this but the Japanese military perpetrated many atrocities not just against the POWs but mainly against Chinese civilians. Of course many deaths were due to the general conditions in the jungle, but the POWS were treated used for slave labour and their captors had no respect for them as they had surrendered. what should be noted is that they were not the majority of Japanese who were respectful decent people. Same applies to the Germans.
  3. How on earth do you manage to drag that old class war bollocks into this? The one time when the classes in the UK get put that craziness to one side and get on with tasks together is during a war! Mitchel was working class for info and most of the pilots came from amid of grammar school and overseas. This whole post is getting out of hand. The Spitfire was continually developed as there wasn't a readily available alternative at the start of the war and supplies from the US were not guaranteed so it is entirely logical that you keep pruning what you can to the best of your ability. Dont forget that Hawker also carried on development and produced one of the greatest piston powered planes of the war with the Sea fury and Tempest etc. To reduce the efforts of this great generation to a sorry game of top trumps is really sad to see. Anyone who has ever engineered or built anything realises that there is no "best" it is a question of compromise between many conflicting constraints. If your still not sure ask the pilots of the time what plane they would fly and even the Germans from the battle of Britain gave credit where it is due.
  4. It is amazing that the top trumps approach to aircraft seems to be the one people choose. The fact remains that the pilots loved the Spitfire and all it stood for. It was and always will be one the most iconic aircraft ever. It has inspired many a pilot and many more engineers in aviation. The British seem to excel at slagging off what they do and belittling the achievements of their forefathers, which for me explains why the country has turned into such a piss pot. The Germans lost because they bit off more than they could chew, and allies won because they got most things right a second time. It is a combination of human effort behind the right machines and for the Spitfire was definitely the right machine.
  5. Hi Thomas just hope you have as many landings as take offs? The rudder sounds like it might be rubbing on something or it might be worth rechecking the bushes and spacing washers for the hinges. One other thought that really worried me at one point was the control horn on the rudder itself and weather the connection points should point up or down?
  6. Indeed they are but I found this one rebuilt by one of the few people I would trust to fly behind.
  7. Indeed they are but I found this one rebuilt by one of the few people I would trust to fly behind.
  8. Hi Thomas greta to see the progress. I am finally getting back to the important things in life and hope to tart the wings. Your bubbles look a bit worrying as oil is clearly getting past the seal. Have you tried lightning the Allen bolt you can see behind the piston? I read you must use a mineral oil bathe are very thin and maybe a more viscous oil may help? Otherwise its a visit to the bank manager and go the derringer route ;)
  9. Just to confirm that the advice in the video and given by Thomas is correct. I let the air out of the two tires, repositioned the valve stems to come out at 90 degrees and re-inflated. Bingo both are now easy to access and look the part! I just can't see why the supplied inner tubes were straight valves, hopefully I won't find out once it is all put together.....
  10. Hello Rose and welcome, do you have any photos of the Skyfox?
  11. Hi Thomas You are absolutely right in two of the pictures you can see that the valve hasn't fully seated so I will try to let the air out and re-inflate. I dont know why but this simple(because someone else did the hard part ) achievement was very satisfying and gives the impression that you have made progress! Also now getting on with the first wing
  12. So finally I resumed production! Having made the mistake of drilling the rim and then having to get the hole welded (thank you Paul G for a brilliant job) I finally went to the tire specialist and had new inner tubes with 90 degree valves and the supplied tires assembled. Total cost for three tubes and assembly 75 Chfs, which for the work they did was well worth the money. The trick as stated here seems to be to cover the whole of the wheel with lube (a sort of black soap in this case) Press one half of the wheel into the tire and then set the valve in position with the inner tube stuffed into the tire. Add a small amount of air so the tire takes shape but only just. Then wiggle the second half of the wheel into place and insert the bolts and finger tighten the nuts. If needed add more air so that the inner tube doesn't get caught between the two wheel halves. tighten progressively the three nuts and check for pinching. If needed add more air so the inner tube moves clear of the gap. Repeat until the two halves are tight, then jack up the air to full pressure. Step back and feel good that at last it looks like a real aeroplane!!! :) and enjoy.
  13. Hi Mark, thanks for that! It is interesting that I can get Aluprep, which is similar to the Ali bride for 15£ a quart in the UK but here it costs50£ Same story with Aldine :( I did find a powder version and use that to top up the solution when it weakens but in view of the toxic nature I am reluctant to do much more of it.
  14. Wow well done you :) I hope you don't mind but the more I look at that the more I want the same colour scheme
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