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  1. That’s a funny looking trike🤔🤔🤔
  2. I wonder what piece that was hitting the ground first. It was absolutely hooting and going 3 times the speed the airframe was
  3. BLA82

    Drones again

    A lot different you can eject lol
  4. BLA82

    Drones again

    But Pm we wouldn’t want the risk of engine failures and them doing outlandings before they even get to the target 🤣. Safer with a 2kg chinease drone.
  5. BLA82

    Drones again

    The flags on their transmitters these days are usually only for wind direction but also some electric clubs still do dogfights with streamers and the aircraft streamer matches the transmitter colours. Fm and Am radios using crystals have been banned in model aircraft for over 6 yrs
  6. BLA82

    Drones again

    Sorry spacesailer but crystals havent been used in quality rc units for nearly 10 years. Its all 2.4ghz now and with the thousands of freq combinations you would never interfere with them.
  7. BLA82

    Dalby crop duster destroyed

    A quick rego search shows that aircraft has been binned twice before. Maybe after the now third it might be time for scrap
  8. Hey guys, I came across this on the ATSB website. It has editions from 1953 onwards Aviation Safety Digest
  9. Biggest lot of Sh...t I’ve seen
  10. As a fellow drone pilot I couldn’t agree more
  11. After spending some time in the US recently In some parts i dont think that you are ever high enough to make it clear of the town.
  12. BLA82

    Jab down, Bundaberg

    Jabiru seem quick to publish when somthing isn’t their fault but it’s tumbleweeds for weeks when it is. Oh that’s right I’m Jab bashing deleted here I come.
  13. BLA82

    Jabiru Catches Fire

    I have a few batteries that a continually on charge. My boat the moment it comes home and is washed is plugged onto two. One for the main battery and the other the water snake. Been that way for 5 years and I haven’t had to buy a new battery or have never had a flat battery. Thirdly my motorbike. Can go 3 months sometimes between rides and again never had a issue. I think there are two things to consider, the quality of the chargers and the quality of the batteries. All three of my charges cost nearly $300 each and came with a 5yr warranty. All batteries a kept installed and never removed.