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  1. danny_galaga

    Without further ado!

    Admin, I think im gonna like blogging 😄
  2. danny_galaga

    Bushcat build

    The build will be continued in this blog: Will transfer the posts from here over to there soon. Joanna is telling me it's bedtime 😄
  3. danny_galaga

    Without further ado!

    So I won't be posting every time I screw a nut onto a bolt. Mostly I will highlight points of interest, tricks and solutions and general thoughts. Also I am discovering that I am needing 'special' tools sooner than anticipated, so in this first post I will list any special tools/materials and the section of the Bushcat build I first needed them in. That way if anyone else is building a Skyreach Bushcat they can see when they have to spring for them without having to buy them all at once. Torque seal - Section 1 Pop rivet gun - Section 2 (not really a special tool as such, but I didn't have one handy so it goes in the list!) Loctite 243 - Section 12 Cable tension gauge - Section 14 0.82 safety wire - Section 14 (choose any unit of measure you like- miles, parsecs, cubits. I myself went for millimeters as that will have the best fit in the hole) modified pointy nosed pliers - Section 17
  4. danny_galaga


    Excellent! There are things in my build that I may need to add to say the first post, months later so that will work well. I’ll transfer what I’ve written up to a blog and fix up typos and chronology etc while I’m at it 🙂
  5. danny_galaga


    Before I start one, can I verify that I can edit my posts at any time down the track?
  6. danny_galaga

    Bushcat build

    Detail section 17 installing the first bit of trilam on the skyreach bushcat. ive never been good at lacing my shoes so this will be a challenge :D but at least I can make it easier to thread the lace with some superglue on the end and rolled between wet fingers to make a ‘needle’ :)
  7. danny_galaga

    Bushcat build

    Detail section 11.2 In my correspondence with the contact engineer he told me I will have to trim a little off two bolts on the tailwheel spring so that the rearmost diagonal braces will fit. I used a Dremel so took the barest possible amount off. I corresponded a lot with the engineer recently because there was a lot of head scratching with those fuselage diagonals. It should be that you may have to coerce the pieces a couple of millimetres to get them in place. But I found my first diagonal was 36mm short! Had everyone scratching their heads. Finally Errol, the Bushcat dealer came over (luckily we aren't too far from each other) and he found himself scratching his head too. He called the factory and talked to the engineer and the manager. A light bulb went off for Errol though and while undoing the bottom longeron to see what the diagonals would do without it, he realised that loosening off the bolts let it fit properly. The bottom longeron has two bolts. Taking out the second bolt lets the longeron swivel a bit. Once everything was aligned it all fitted beautifully and the second bolt can be put back in. A programming friend once told me I am the perfect beta tester because I always find that combination of things that no else has tried that will lock up the computer. Looks like that 'talent' has transferred over the airplane building because this is the first time this phenomenon has happened with this particular kit 😂 I still don't quite understand why it did it, but my own thought is that if I were to build one again I would leave those two bolts loose until all the diagonals are in place and then tighten everything up. It may well be that by the time you are building this kit, the manual will suggest that also.
  8. danny_galaga

    Were the Wright Brothers in Newton's camp?

    It's a s simple as this- If a tree falls in the forrest and no one was there to hear it, did it fall? It's the same of all things, if no one witnessed it, how can you say it happened? The Wrights were happy to have people see what they were doing, Maybe Pearse and the others flew, but if no one saw it...
  9. danny_galaga

    Were the Wright Brothers in Newton's camp?

    Clearly Orville wouldn’t go to Yale to study aeronautical engineering! He most likely would have studied physics... and yes yes if he went then maybe he would have discovered something, but not likely anything to do with flying and Dec 17 would be meaningless to us.
  10. danny_galaga

    Were the Wright Brothers in Newton's camp?

    I hate that people think the Wright Brothers were ‘simple’ mechanics who just tinkered in a shed. Not only were they true scientists, Orville was accepted to Yale (for those that aren’t aware, Yale was and is one of the most prestigious universities in the world) and the only reason he didn’t go was his mother became really ill (the good old days when that sort of thing really turned your life on its head) so he helped her convalescence instead. Perhaps they themselves didn’t know which way to lean on the theory of lift so just went with newton for the purposes of their patents
  11. danny_galaga

    Sideslipping again. . .

    Geez if I hadn’t been taught forward slipping I might STILL be in the air 😄
  12. danny_galaga

    Bushcat build

    Detail section 9 left side upper fuselage tube has two threaded holes. Also, make sure you put the turnbuckles in in step 2 before you do step 3 (which ties the two tubes together aft) otherwise you won’t be able to put the Clevis pin in. How do I know this? 😄
  13. danny_galaga

    Bushcat build

    Detail of section 8.2 there are bushes that go inside the bottom tubes where the tail wheel spring mounts. These are a tight fit so what I did was wrap the tube in thin card and then get some vice grips. I wound the vice grips up to just touch the card. And then just enough more to just compress the tube. Not enough to even see. Then I placed the bushes in place with pointy nosed pliers and put the bolts in to hold them in place. When the vice grips were released the tube springs back into shape and holds the bushes 🙂
  14. danny_galaga

    Bushcat build

    I am building in a two car garage. So not heaps of room. Right now I’m using two of the long crates as a bench. They are sitting on some mi I castors so I can move them sround. Once those two are decanted they can go out and the fuselage can stand on its undercarriage in the same location. There will be an awkward phase those because the wing components are in the larger of those two crates. Jo doesn’t know it yet but her car may have to sit outside for a bit 😄
  15. danny_galaga

    Drifter Conversion to Rotax 912

    If you’re wanting to get away from 2 stroke is a 1/2 VW a useful alternative?