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  1. danny_galaga

    13. Thoughts so far, or great expectations

    Hehe. I think sometimes it would be easier to work from plans! But im way too lazy for that! Anyway, I’ve stopped pouting and working on it again. It is a lovely plane to fly so I must keep thinking of the end result
  2. danny_galaga

    13. Thoughts so far, or great expectations

    Thanks for your kind words, helps put it in context 🙂
  3. I have not been enjoying this build. but I need to elaborate. A programmer friend once told me that I would be an excellent beta tester because I always seem to find that combination of inputs that seizes up the computer. I am also a creative person. Often if i make something, it comes out of nowhere. The last major thing I built was this arcade machine: http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php/topic,144934.msg1506839.html#msg1506839 this gives you an idea of the skill set I have. Not a master craftsman by any means, but able to come up with novel ideas and solutions. In my mind then this is at one end of the creative spectrum. Another sort of creative pursuit are things like LEGO or Mechano. In the case of making one of those models the goal is clear, and there are explicit instructions to get you there. This is at the other end of the spectrum. So, sometimes I like the OCD hypnosis of something like LEGO (I have a kit ready to start on actually) and sometimes I want the immersion of creating something from scratch, like my arcade machine with glass control panel and touch controls. With the Bushcat kit I was really expecting a giant Mechano set. But it’s not that. How can it be? Mechano have made millions and millions of sets and had maybe a century to perfect their system. My Bushcat kit however is number 231. And a hell of a lot more complicated than a Mechano set! This ‘model’ is a continuous work in progress. There are typos in the instructions, missing or wrong sized bolts. There are sections where you really have to use your initiative and work out what it is they are trying to tell you. so then, this is not a scratch built arcade machine, but nor is it a Mechano set. But Mechano is what I was expecting. Every step perfectly defined. Every part present and correct. So I am struggling because of my false expectations. So each time there is a problem, I really start to get down about it. Maybe because then I’m not sure what the right thing to do is. With one of my scratch built projects, the right thing to do is whatever comes to mind. The solution is correct so long as I am happy with that solution. However, I have been told this kit is one of the easier ones and the manual one of the most complete. I think if you are a prospective buyer, be clear about what you expect. For most people, it will be all you expected it to be. For those rare few Beta Testers like me, you may struggle.
  4. danny_galaga

    12. Section 43

    They are 850 x 6 airtrac on the garage question. First thing we did was decant the largest crate with the large fibreglass parts. That crate ended up as my partners sons doghouse:) we we really wanted to hang on to the other crates because they looked useful. Soon after we stacked up the three you can see behind the plane we hired a trailer and dumped them. Just took up too much room. You may have more room than us of course and it would have been better to kee everything in the big crate as it did get tiring shuffling the pieces around all the time!
  5. danny_galaga

    12. Section 43

    As good a point as any to post an updated picture. The battery was a dam tight fit and im not looking forward to having to replace that one day! Putting on the undercarriage and wheels was pretty straight forward. Be aware that some of the items come pre assembled even though the manual has assembly instructions. Things like the disk brakes definitely need tightening up and Loctite used. the seat backs had a hole too small for the clevis pins so I needed to drill them out
  6. Oh I have a cunning plan that will be lightweight and useful (hopefully!) and doesn’t involve the exhaust i will need to assemble more of my plane before I can start prototyping the design
  7. Not sure but vaguely remember one of those extra oil cooler setups as an option. My thinking is that when you want to be warm you don’t need extra cooling for the engine!
  8. Interestingly enough, these are Matco wheels. But these don’t have sealed bearings 😞
  9. I hadn’t thought of the temperature extremes, although it certainly doesn’t seem like there would be that much temperature ‘stress’ in an ultralight...
  10. What’s with the special greases I’m supposed to use for my Bushcat wheels? Why not just normal bearing grease?
  11. danny_galaga

    Bushcat LSA by SkyReach

    Many apologies, I had no idea that skyreach were selling kits with everything! I just bought the regular kit.
  12. danny_galaga

    Bushcat LSA by SkyReach

    Like onetrack just said- the kit doesn’t come with an engine propeller or instruments. Those parts came from GAP, who also supplied you the kit. From GAP you bought 1 x Bushcat kit, 1 x engine and 1 x instrument panel which I assume Errol made. I’ve seen some of his panels and they are great.
  13. danny_galaga

    Bushcat LSA by SkyReach

    Ok I don’t know why evil is muddying up the waters but here is the breakdown: ~$90,000 gets you a turnkey Bushcat ready to fly away, it even has the engine. You go to the dealer and fly it home. Because it is not a kit. ~$45,000 gets you a kit (which is what Dave was asking about). The kit gets you an un-assembled aircraft. In Australia what we generally mean by a kit is an un-assembled product. In this case, it consists of five crates containing all the parts required to build the aircraft, but not including the engine, propeller or instruments. ~$25,000 gets you a new Rotax 912 ~$1500 gets you a propeller ~$1 - infinite is how how much you might spend on the instruments 😄 i hope this clears up any confusion about the definition of ‘kit’.
  14. danny_galaga

    Bushcat LSA by SkyReach

    Or you could learn to read and pay ~$45,000 for the KIT, like I did 🙂
  15. danny_galaga

    Bushcat LSA by SkyReach

    They must have had a sale on that day 😉