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  1. If you wouldn’t mind, Iwould you share your story. For example... what exactly happened to the elevator, did you discover the cause, what was the ride like under the parachute, was the aircraft destroyed by the deployment? Thanks!
  2. Is there any way those of us on this forum can read that information without becoming a member of their forums as well?
  3. Kyle, I see you have a gasket or rubber strip between the windshield and the front bars? Are you planning on the same install technique on Mabel?
  4. Well... as ya'll say.. I stuffed up my windshield installation and get to cut out a new one from lexan. The one with my kit was about 2mm. Now that I have an "opportunity" to upgrade, would going to 3mm be an advantage? Any downsides? Thanks all.
  5. I wonder about utilizing the snap vent hole, too small? Could you add one to the upper panel at the appropriate height for a camera lense to protrude?
  6. They don't show it, but talk about it in the first 30 seconds... sounded familiar :-)
  7. Mark, I just watched a video of Zenith flying the CH701 with a new flap handle that has four positions. I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery ;-)))
  8. It's actually sandwiched between the outer flat "strips" and the inner flexed piece which includes the arm rest. The inner piece is riveted as a unit prior to installation. This acts as the spine which is attached last while everything else is clecoed. This allows all the other pieces to flex into the curved shape dictated by the inner "spine."
  9. Looks like the straps that secure the fuel collector tank behind the seat bulkhead.
  10. If I'm not mistaken the insulation in Tefzel is also formulated to be less toxic to the pilot in case of fire...
  11. I have some on my build site, www.mykitlog/mcrowley
  12. I made a little wedge with the proper size hole drilled it in that allows me to pull a rivet at a 45 degree angle.
  13. mcrowley

    Rotax muffler

    Has anyone had any success with an different muffler for the Rotax? I'm posting for a fellow forum member and Texas Savannah S builder Jim Madison. He is looking for something that will fit the 912 and give it a bit more "rumble." Kyle, did you ever finish your experiment with a different muffler? Thanks all.
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