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  1. I love this one. One of the best IMHO. Apologies if it's already been shared:
  2. Hey Mark....gliding sounds really cool.. will have to do it one day. Quick question though, how do you land and keep the nose straight without using rudder ('nosedragger' and crosswind)?
  3. Videoing my flights and watching them. Sometimes getting an instructor to comment on it.
  4. Depends on the plane but typically I use medium FOV. Narrow is sometimes preferable but the video is very grainy.
  5. I recorded a short video answering that question you might find helpful:
  6. Your right. Sorry...I was referring to the Friday.
  7. I'm pretty sure it's closed for practice sessions between 1200 and 1600, so only 4 hours.
  8. Do what the locals do and what is recommended on the website. Park a suburb or two away and catch the train in. The station is about 100m from the entrance.
  9. Only two weeks until Wings over Illawarra: Wings Over Illawarra 2017 - TICKETS ON SALE NOW My hometown so I'll be there :) Anyone else going?
  10. Thanks Kununurra. Glad to hear you enjoyed the videos. Plenty more coming. Will be releasing a video soon on my first lesson in a tail-dragger flying out of Camden with a new instructor who is certainly a character! Subscribe if you want to check it out. I'm actually doing a few endorsements all at once (i try and go flying once a week so its a slow process). I got my RPC a while ago - just took me awhile to make the video so its a little outdated. Ive already done my first cross-country lesson with Bruce, and have started my aerobatics/ tail dragger lessons as well. On top of this, Bruce has moved the Jabiru 170 up to the mother school at the OAKS, which means I'm getting a few lessons from him getting checked out in his main training aircraft - the pipistrel alpha. I've also got to clock up a couple more hours solo time so I can get my passenger endorsement. As for aerobatics, I did an aerobatic joyflight a few months ago in the Citabria and loved it. Mainly doing it for fun, but no doubt it is making me a better and more confident pilot. First time I did stalls, 2G steep turns and unusual attitudes I was a little scared to be honest...haha. Now, its just second nature and really enjoyable. An introduction to basic aerobatics should be part of the training curriculum in my opinion.
  11. Thanks guys! Really glad you found the videos worthwhile. I initially made them just for myself, to help with my training. I found them really useful that I thought others may benefit from them also. I never set out to be a video maker - but I must say I really enjoy the video-making process these days and connecting with the fantastic flying community.
  12. What an incredible adventure. Looking forward to watching the film.
  13. Good to know other people go through the same process Scotsman. Did my first aerobatic lesson yesterday..... had that doubt again and wasn't sure how I'd go, but it turned out to be heaps fun!
  14. Glad you like the videos Piet. Your not the first person to tell me you use the videos as an instructor resource. I will pass on your thanks to Bruce.
  15. One of the reasons I love aviation and flying is that you never stop learning, there is no end game. BTW Nev, thanks for all your comments and feedback along the way! Some of the points you have raised (and others here) have led to some interesting discussions between Bruce and myself.
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