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  1. Thanks for the invite, don't think I can do Brooklands tomorrow. I hope we can catch up another time.
  2. How long do you think you will be at YMBD tomorrow? we are flying in from Goolwa probably arriving around 0900. Jabiru J170 and a Tecnam Sierra. Regards Garry
  3. I remember a flight I operated from Hong Kong to Los Angeles via the "flex tracks" which were constructed on a daily basis to optimize the wind, we sat for 3+ hours with a ground speed of 650 knots (150 kts twc) The strongest wind I recall seeing was on a flight from Narita to Hong Kong in the L1011, I have a photo of the INS wind readout somewhere, was 201 deg/200kts.
  4. My favourite aeroplane, a lovely aeroplane to fly.
  5. Russ it more than likely is the Oil Pressure Sender. I have just replaced mine at 360 hours, I had pretty much the same symptoms. We did adjust the oil pressure relief valve but it turned out to be the sender. The senders are known to give problems.
  6. Welcome to the forum. I completed a course on the Metroliner at the Swearingen factory in San Antonio many years ago, a very nice city, we had a great time.
  7. I have had one on my factory built J170 for about 5 months, I have flown around 35 hours on it and I could not be more pleased with it. The factory say about 3-5 kts speed increase, mine is nearer the upper end. I am told they resist rain very well, and the engine seems to run more smoothly. The cost of the prop is about the same as a wooden one ($1500) but you have to buy a new spinner and backplate ($300) The prop is made from black fibreglass, and looks great.