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  1. Short version ... cable ties :p I secured the pivot arm with one , & the end of the bungee with another , then pulled it tight & cable tied it off . I had already crimped one half so was ok to finish when secured . Another pair of hands would help greatly doing the remaining three bungees! Cheers Troy Rep.
  2. Hmm , a private strip in Harvey you say ;p Welcome Anthony !
  3. I spoke to the friendly team at Airborne & they said either cable ties or crimps were fine . Since I was ordering some parts anyway I got the crimps :-) It took a while to work out how to lace the bungy , but I have it sorted now . The previous repair had used two hose clamps ! Seemed to work well though ... but I will stick with approved methods Cheers
  4. To replace or not to replace , that is the question . I have an Airborne Edge Outback 582 & although the hours are low , and it's been stored in a hangar , It has sat for years. It doesn't seem to me that the shock cord is as tight as those who share the hangar ... so Just replace & be done with it, or retighten & reattach ? Crimps or cable ties ? Any suggestions , tips or tricks greatly appreciated . Cheers Troy Rep.
  5. rep003


  6. Air Trikes: Engines and Conversion Kits. Seems to have several references to Suzuki Conversions , & at least one for the G10T Cheers
  7. The lack of alternate for Perth may be the best argument for the expansion of Busselton to International standards .
  8. Is the Blue & Yellow one a Quicksilver GT500?
  9. I have the Plans, & look at it continuously, but haven't ever committed to building one ...
  10. Is it a Ryan PT22 . The same model Harrison Ford "Parked" on the golf course?
  11. Welcome Jack . There are plenty of aviation lovers here ... and a few Bali lovers too !
  12. Fingers crossed for the pilot . Helicopter crash, WA: Frantic search for missing pilot
  13. Much respect NT . it is one thing to learn it and quite another to Apply it when it really counts! Awesome outcome.
  14. Loehle sport Parasol perhaps or Fisher FP505 ... I can't tell em apart ;p
  15. Bushcat ... formerly Cheetah ... maybe ;-)
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