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  1. maddog63

    Airborne again!

    Sling 2 with the rotax I S engine. No mag checks to do, no mixture control, no carby heat (fuel injection). It felt strange not doing all the runup checks I had done so long ago.
  2. maddog63

    Airborne again!

    Hello hylife I have a similar story. Learnt to fly in Gladstone QLD, had an extended break from flying for a couple of decades and back in the air again flying out of Caloundra. Welcome:victory:
  3. maddog63

    Started the Couger

    Hey Sloper Great news on both fronts Mick:thumb up:
  4. Police are saying the aircraft may have been homebuilt. They are confident they know who the pilot is but this is to be confirmed and that there has some debrise found along the flight path but are uncertin if it belongs to te aircraft.
  5. maddog63


    Love it. The human condition is a beautiful thing ???????
  6. Pilot has been confirmed deceased. Condolences to family and friends on this trdgic news.
  7. Totally agree and it's not only aviation. Some of my sons friends were recently involved in a head on collision on the Bruce Highway, which was not their fault. There were injuries of course, most minor, but one of their friends neeeded surgery on his feet. The people in the other car were ok. The press sensationalised the story about young people having a head on while travelling to a 21st party, but left out the detail of what had exactly happened and that the quick thinking of my sons friend who was driving, saved the lives of all involed. Usetting and frustrating.
  8. Cost will always be an issue in this day and age as more financial demands are made on the average pay packet. But RAA has a great platform for lower cost aviation. RAA has a flagship airshow (we all remember how excited we were at our first airshow and in some cases, I'm sure, this has cemented our passion in aviation) that could and should be used to promote our association. I believe that to effectively do this (and I'm not saying where it should be, this has been covered in other forums ) it should be moved closer to a major population centre, or centres. so that people can take only the day to go and see what we are all about. This may encourage the younger people to have a look, have a ride and get hooked. Mick
  9. maddog63

    Incident at YCAB today

    Isn't that the truth. It's got to the point now that even when a VH registered aircraft goes down my non-aviation friends are commenting on how dangerous ultralights are ?????
  10. I gotta get me one of top fuel dragsters. Check out the G metre as he accelerates and then deccelerates. Mick
  11. Dan, As long as you are a safe flyer, and taking your point about affordability, have the financial means to do so, there shouldn't be an age limit. If love flying, keep going, many people are learning in their 50's and 60's. Mick
  12. Back in the air again after a long time looking up
  13. maddog63

    Hello again

    Hey all, it's been a while since I've been here. I've moved from Gladstone Qld to the sunny coast (although it has nearly rained constantly since we moved here in Feb) but still work in Gladsatone. I'm looking foward to being part of this vibrant community
  14. It's great to see another Aussie, especially an aviator, taking it to the rest of world and showing them what we are made of.
  15. Come on guys. I agree, aeroplane stuff rules, but we must lead a balanced life. Congrats to the STORM Mick