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  1. Fantastic work on the video you two. Agree totally with the comments about limited information out there available to help plan a trip like this and so my wife and I will be eagerly awaiting your posts to see what you discover along the way. Have fun and safe flying.
  2. MarkyMarkOZ


  3. When the app is open it is by default using the ipad GPS so the blue bar at the top is a warning to let you know the the app. Thats the way the app/platform works and is really a safety feature in a way. Close the app when not in use.
  4. I had a look at the strip only a few months ago. I got to walk about 150mtrs of the Southern end and there were clumps of grass plants high and solid enough to give concern for damaging under carriage of a 172. Maybe in a STOL with large soft tyres would be ok. It is a long strip of 900 mtrs so what the rest of it looked like I am not sure.
  5. Made 1 from the ozrunways instructions. Works well. Only thing to add here would be forget the wifi dongle from the parts list as the latest Pi comes with wifi onboard.
  6. Nice! What an awesome machine. How long to convert from float to wheel and what's involved?
  7. The Aerosol cans work well. The reason some people have balance issues with them is that they dont rotate the tyre and the goo settles on the bottom. Taxi around slowly for a minute after putting half a can in. Stop, put the rest of the can in, then taxi around slowly a minute again. This step is essential to not only spread the goo evenly, but more importantly, ensure the goo gets into the area that needs repairing. All fixed - no heavy jack required.
  8. Agreed, it as an entertaining way to highlight some crucial lesson about fun and safety. Well done CASA
  9. I will be there,.. with bells on! Looking forward to it and am flying in Friday morning on commercial from Brisbane.
  10. Dont know where you are shopping duty free but it is obviously in the wrong place. I travel allot of international and a majority of duty free is most definitely cheaper than normal retail. I always price check and 8 out of 10 times is is either a little or alot cheaper.
  11. Admirable progress todate and the detailed step by step videos take you on the journey. Impressive amount of deposits todate. What I like about this is that in the end he is going to make the plans 'open source' to accelerate innovation and design updates. Peter Muller – Medium
  12. Thanks and I see that in the original post. Strange then that the heading when I view this event shows a different date. Must be a browser/internet/user error.
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