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  1. No return on local parks and sportfields, whats the difference.
  2. I have received 5 avdata bills in the last few years that bear no relation to where my aircraft was at the time. Apparantly I was in WA for one of them whilst proving I was at work in NSW at the time. Same as the others. At the time I had an agreement with the airport owners to pay a regular yearly fee for landings etc. I agree, the privacy issue is the problem with me, given they agreed not to do it.
  3. many councils are selling off their local airports as a source of revenue. The purchaser then has the option, depending on the right palms being greased, of bending and breaking contracts to suit themselves. Increase fees, shut down runways, restrict free access to hanger owners etc. No one complains about ocal sports grounds and do not pay council fees for them on a per user basis. Remember, these days its all about money, people dont matter any more.
  4. Sent his by a person we know, aircraft dragged out of a ststaion tip and repurposed.....cool garden feature.!!! Also in the garden a helicopter and mac truck as repurposed planters.!!!
  5. robinsm


    On a biannual recently, my instructor had me doing stall recovery when the aircraft stalled in a steep turn. Grteat to do, great to learn. Doping successfully removed the fear and increases confidence in your flying ability in adverse situations. Very valuable.
  6. Seems better now Ian, still a little down but more managable and easy to use. No worries.
  7. Ian, very slow to load and run. Only this site, opthers on my puter run fine. I have NBN.
  8. The great god thread drift is rearing its head again, even though 2 people died, its all about pontificating about things that have nothing to do with the main tragic subject. Oh well, a little respect guys would help.
  9. The earths magnetic poles are constantly on the move, the movement happen in Geological time so very very slowly. If you are worried google " Standard magnetic deviation" to see any changes. In the history of the earth (geological) the poles have moved and flippedmany times. The magnetic deviation is one way of measuring the age of the earth. Because the changes take place very slowly.....DONT PANIC...it will be eons before the changes become a problem. lol
  10. There has been a much spruiked about alternate organisation that was trying to get off the ground. Lately there has been a deafening silence about progress. Given the current dissatisfaction by some members with RAA Aus and their privacy, finance, abd other changes, one would think the push would be on for the alternate to become a reality...any info?
  11. sounds like its time for another grass roots organisation dedicated to just flying lightweight aircraft for fun. We appear to be in danger of being regulated to death as an organisation. Vested interests and corporates seem intent on pushing their interests at the expense of the grass roots, just wanna fly, members. This is rapidly becoming a vehicle for self interest, barrow pushing and empire building. Just saying.
  12. Alf, the crookwell strip is good and closer. Just remember it can be a one way strip depending on the wind. Nice grass cover and very long. Designed for fire fighting etc. Could very well be an option.
  13. No love involved, purely money. Long history since the purchase of the airport with battles with owners and pilots.
  14. Tried to find it a few years ago, does not exist as a usable strip. Nearest would be goulburn or a private unlisted strip.