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  1. The great god thread drift is rearing its head again, even though 2 people died, its all about pontificating about things that have nothing to do with the main tragic subject. Oh well, a little respect guys would help.
  2. robinsm

    Alternate organisation...deafening silence

    sounds like s fine idea but practical???
  3. robinsm

    Moving magnetic poles (news article)

    The earths magnetic poles are constantly on the move, the movement happen in Geological time so very very slowly. If you are worried google " Standard magnetic deviation" to see any changes. In the history of the earth (geological) the poles have moved and flippedmany times. The magnetic deviation is one way of measuring the age of the earth. Because the changes take place very slowly.....DONT PANIC...it will be eons before the changes become a problem. lol
  4. There has been a much spruiked about alternate organisation that was trying to get off the ground. Lately there has been a deafening silence about progress. Given the current dissatisfaction by some members with RAA Aus and their privacy, finance, abd other changes, one would think the push would be on for the alternate to become a reality...any info?
  5. sounds like its time for another grass roots organisation dedicated to just flying lightweight aircraft for fun. We appear to be in danger of being regulated to death as an organisation. Vested interests and corporates seem intent on pushing their interests at the expense of the grass roots, just wanna fly, members. This is rapidly becoming a vehicle for self interest, barrow pushing and empire building. Just saying.
  6. robinsm

    Taralga-Garthawa airstrip

    Alf, the crookwell strip is good and closer. Just remember it can be a one way strip depending on the wind. Nice grass cover and very long. Designed for fire fighting etc. Could very well be an option.
  7. robinsm

    Taralga-Garthawa airstrip

    No love involved, purely money. Long history since the purchase of the airport with battles with owners and pilots.
  8. robinsm

    Taralga-Garthawa airstrip

    Tried to find it a few years ago, does not exist as a usable strip. Nearest would be goulburn or a private unlisted strip.
  9. robinsm

    Please Vote

    Agree, if it aint broken, dont fix it. This site is known as Recreational Flying and covers that area nicely. Aircraft pilots is a bland name that does not appeal to my sense of belonging etc at all.
  10. robinsm

    Finally, the new site is running

    Works great on my PC, Ipad and my android samsung J2pro phone. Looks good and easy to use. No problems here Ian.
  11. robinsm

    Finally, the new site is running

    Looks good so far Ian.
  12. that is a fact, concentrate on flying the plane, not scrambling around the cockpit pooking for the fire equipement. Given the space in the average ultralight cockpit, letting go od the controls in an emergency is just plain DUMB...
  13. Maynard, you have an email address I can use re GLB update? Regards JtH
    1. robinsm


      [email protected] would appreciate it thanks John
  14. robinsm

    Narromine AusFly 2018

    ok my bad...
  15. robinsm

    Why no Radio Calls?

    Its all abouit being heard and seen. I always give circuit calls even at uncontrolled/ empty country airfeilds. After 2 or 3 close calls with aircraft not giving calls, I always do. Better alive and silly than dead and right.