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  1. Hi Gents, A NZ Drifter Pilot, Kelly Martin is after some spare parts, original engine mounts for the Rotax upright 582. A contact for a supplier appreciated that I will forward on. Cheers Rod Birrell AirSports Flying School (Victoria) [email protected]
  2. Training navigation flight in a Topaz flying south from Riddells Creek, then Melbourne, past Point Cook and across the edge of Port Phillip Bay. View is towards Portarlington - truely a superb flying day. AirSports Flying School...
  3. If you want to put quality and reliability ahead of price, with good support, local service and factory guarantee (Melbourne), consider the ICOM A220 panel mount. Includes excellent dual com feature. See Icom Australia | Everything in Radio: Air Band | IC-A220
  4. Also a question, the privately run aviation weather decode site has been down for some time, it was at http://www.pemet.com.au, any advice as to its status? Where is it now ?
  5. Looks like a change occurred : "Head to www.bom.gov.au/GAF/index.shtml" Reply "BOM : Bureau Home > Page not found" One link currently working is at: Graphical Area Forecasts
  6. Sorry, typo, posting at the back of the clock always a problem .....
  7. BOM site user guide for Graphical Area Forecasts http://www.bom.gov.au/aviation/data/education/GAF-user-guide-V1_final_15SEPT2017.pdf For an easy to use overview for flight plan winds, see Windy TV .com see Windy as forecasted zoom in for more detail, all the way to an airfield location. It will also display wind forecasts for specific nominated heights - worth looking at as an added information aid. Roid Birrell
  8. As another option Airsports Flying School at Riddells Creek has a Storch available for $165 for local flights. Of course there is an expectation that renting pilots are current, capable and reliable. The Topaz for $220 solo is also available (although not very often due to its training role.) See www.airsports.net. Syndicate purchase is also available at most recreational airfields around Melbourne. Typical running costs of $45 per hour a lot more affordable!! Rod, Airsports
  9. A little off topic however a 'permit to fly' is available on application to fly to a point of repair. With conditions of course. This can be completed directly with approved CASA/RAAus officers, contact the RAAus Tech Department for specific advice.
  10. ICOM Australia aviation radio dealers sell an ICOM factory cig lighter lead with noise filter (and fuse) designed for the ICOM A20. Some may have units 'on the shelf'. If you want one I have a couple available (we used them on our Drifters at the flying school), on the members market, new but old stock (no Drifters anymore).
  11. Like most NQ pilots I have come across Frank had a passion for flying that you could only admire. I had the pleasure of some 'off work' time when Frank guided me around the Hinkler Museum when we met in Bundaberg after the RAAus CFI seminar. Frank was generous with his time, he worked hard for RAAus pilots while on the RAAus Board and well represented pilots views while he held that position. Really pleased the time was put aside for this memorial event.
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