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  1. It looked and sounded awesome Jimbo... and climb.. holly sh!t.!!! I’ve never seen a Nieuport climb like that before.!!! Apart from that one circuit when you richened it up the engine sounded sweet all day What I was so impressed with was... all take offs and landings were straight as a die... a very well behaved aircraft . The only disappointing thing about the day.. was you had to drive home and we couldn’t celebrate Congratulations mate.!! Bob
  2. The places I run into you phill.... you must have snuck in the back door while I wasn't looking! Bob
  3. Are they counter sunk flat head rivets? If they are you could back rivet them. You will need a bit of heavy steel plate or flat. Or even a bit of steel RHS or SHS. With the panels sitting flat, drop some rivets in, run a strip of tape along over the rivets to hold them in (paper type tape like masking tape). Then turn the panel over and carfully place the new rivets on top of the heavy steel plate, the plate now becomes the bucking bar on the head side and this allows you to carefully use the rivet gun to squeeze (hammer) the other side Bob
  4. This was our first time and won't be our last and thanks to Scott's photo (the third photo in his post) we have proof that we camped. I don't think it was what you would call cold, but we kept ourselves well rugged up! Well organised.!!!......Top entertainment.!!!!!...... the air marshallers did an excellent job with big smiles.!!!....and mother nature turned on perfect weather for the weekend.!!!
  5. Welcome Isak... where are you training or plan to train? Bob
  6. Watts Bridge Association bought the land off the water board last year so the sub leasing and living there is now not a problem. Sales have increased to a point where I don't think there are any chalet blocks left for sale.!! Bob
  7. The $us/$au being all over the shop pumped up the cost of my RV9a. Not knowing if the $ was going to drop more I decided to order the complete kit and every thing I would need (except the motor and prop) when the au$ was sitting on 61c. And it was 74c when I paid for the motor kit and prop. Bob
  8. Skippy, I read Robin Austin's story. He really deserves every record and award he has received. Amazing, WOW!!! And the Rotax was most likely the best choice for his project but you cannot claim the Rotax is what achieved his success! His engineering ability and his dedication, sweat and tears over megga hours is what achieved his success. BUT!!!! The original poster wanted a engine that would pull four up at 120 kts and that is why Yenn suggested a 0-320 lycoming.!!!!!! Now the TWIN TECNAM that is ANOTHER story.!!!!!
  9. Hey bex, I'm trying to work out if your tongue in cheek statment was, you don't believe that's all it cost or you think it cost too much.??? I got our 9a in the air for $86k but the engine was a rebuild and there was no labour charge. The Vans kit was a quickbuild and I never paid for any labour as I did it all myself.
  10. Skippy, My original post was objecting to your post cutting down Yenn's suggestion of a Lyc 0-320 for a 4 seat 120 kt cruise aircraft to build. Not to see who has the biggest one. But It seems you just want to compare RAA/LSA aircraft and power plants. Lycoming don't have much to offer here but I'll bring you up to date. Lycomings only LSA engine, the 0-233/i0-233. I can't remember the actual weights but the Lyc is a bit heavier than the Rotax. 116 hp, roller rockers, electronic ignition, TBI (Eagle throttle body injection) on the i0-233 and tuned 1.5" cross-over exhaust system. Runs on ULP and like all lyc's has manual mixture controll so can go LOP at cruising altertude. Oh, and has a slow reving prop as it is a slow reving engine with a TBO at 2500 hrs.
  11. Bex, back when I was deciding (about 8 years ago) what to build and what engine. Horse power to horse power, Lycoming engines and parts were cheaper to buy than Rotax's. Have things changed? Also Lyc's are direct drive so don't have the cost of gearbox parts. The original poster was asking for suggestions of what to build, not what to buy. Yenn offered a suggestion which I thought was valid. There was no need for Skippys bagging post. Bob
  12. Ok so your one eyed. But you didn't answer my question, what terrifying ongoing costs?? I've flown 60 odd hours behind Rotax's in Tecnam's and a Sportstar and if I pull the throttle back in the 9a to cruse at the same speed as the Tecnam's and the Sportstar I get the same fuel economy. I have over 450 hrs up on the 0-335 now and apart from regular service it doesn't use any oil between services. So I don't know what you are trying to say here Skippy??? Bob
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