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  1. Thanks Allen I will do a search around NZ . I guess there are not too many Sinus a/c flying in Australia
  2. Hello Just asking if there are any members that own a piperstrel motor glider. I am trying to find a rebuild manual for the vario prop but the company won't answer my emails .
  3. Is there a facility to 'ferry' an unlicensed aircraft to a Lame work shop? With a car you can simply book in with a garage for a bule slip and are covered so long as you go directly to the nearest workshop.
  4. Sorry I clicked a few wrong buttons here. Now if you don't like airshows but like to be in scenic country side and yu are a mechanic come and stay at the Last resort for a few days or a week to help refit rubber parts to a rotten and other maintenance issues. accommodation food, and hourly rate offered. john send email for pics and details or call 0413963438
  5. Thanks I have to do a balance on my feathering prop anyone can rent be a balancer or offer some help thanks can I rent one of is there a contact number to rent this balancer
  6. Well many years ago the MAG was a erburden of regulations source of info and considered option. Most pilots know the industry fairly well and are bored with the average flight article. Secondly aviation is certainly dying because of the over the top rego and servicing costs. My plane is 7 years old and worth a quarter new cost. I guess u can say the skies are owned by the military and commercial flying not any room for recording flying
  7. Resort with airstrip next to national park plus accommodation overnight 120 per person unique Capertee nsw near Glen Davis
  8. G Landing strip available with hanger and accommodation next to national park Capertee nsw
  9. what a great machine
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