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  1. Thank you for this info. I take from the Rotax 912 parts catalog that the temperature sensors for "oil temperature" and "cylinder head temperature" (CHT) are the same/interchangeable. At least on older engines where the CHT sensor is screwed into the cylinder head from below. The Rotax part number is 965531 (965530 in older part catalogs). It is an off-the-shelf VDO part. Has anyone figured out what the VDO part number of this sender/sensor is? Unfortunately, I do not have a sensor at hand to measure myself, I will need 3 and the Rotax price tag is 4 times above what a genuine VDO part would cost. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Dear dsam, thank you for getting back. There is no gasket, though. They are sealing by plastic-meets-plastic only. I noticed that there is a sweet spot when tightening where they seal better. Tightening them any harder makes leaking worse. Same is true for the nozzle and the internal thread. This thread also leaks. I have devised a solution where the nozzle is connected to a hose for easy refuelling of my high-wing skyfox. I place the jerry can (bladder) on top of the wing, insert the hose in the fuel tank and start the flow by un-nicking the hose and pressing on the bladder. Works well, but would work perfectly if those threads where seal.
  3. Hi there, I am using these exact same jerry cans, but I've found that mine are not seal. They leak when laid on their sides, or when weight is pressing on them. Very annoying. Is it the same with yours and have I just gotten a bad batch?
  4. Hello, we are approaching the first 100 hours on our Skyfox CA22 taildragger, and I would need a maintenance manual to conduct a proper inspection. Going through this thread there seem a few CDs in the hands of kind people who offered to send a copy? Would anyone of you mind to upload this to the download section of this forum similar to "Admin" who uploaded a "Gazelle Flight Manual"? I think this would be the most convenient. Thank you very much for your time!
  5. Dear gkhutton. It would be nice if you could let me know how you go with your inquiries at Hall. We are currently flying our Skyfox taildragger out of Temora, but are looking to move it closer to Canberra in the midterm. If you end up needing a customised storage trailer for a folding wing airplane, I know one for sale. best Norman
  6. Electric is the way to go for training. This here uses about 2.5 euros in energy for an hour of circuit training:
  7. Hi, thank you very very much for taking on this task! This is awesome! in response to the request for what to add: For planning purposes, it would be very helpful to know whether there is car fuel, MoGas available. And how. Eg, a 5 min walk with a Jerry can? A bowser on the ala? 2 miles to town, but taxi service available? Etc. Also, in line with JG3's preference: please include strips with camping potential. camp sites (official?/inofficial? facilities?) again, thank you all very much!!
  8. Hello Old Koreelah, yes, I am thinking the same, hence my practicing of tailwheel. Would you by any chance know any biologists doing fieldwork with airplanes?
  9. wow! thank you very much The map can be reached directly at here: [URL="https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1cXEE6SdRbABbjMr_dad_3ZXwhe0&hl=en"]Outback Fuel[/URL] @Cosmick. Thank you for sharing. @JG3 : thank you very much for putting that together! to what extent are you willing to maintain the map and add user suggestions?
  10. hello, yes, this is a brilliant idea and I was about to start a thread like this and then discovered yours. I am currently planning a cross-country from Canberra to Uluru and back and I am gobsmacked, that there seems to be no listing of airfields with mogas availability. It is not only the price it is also that those Rotax engines don't particularly like the lead and other stuff in Avgas 100LL. So our community is in desperate need of some sort of map, map overlay or at least list of airfields with Mogas, be it from a drum or a bowser. Our LSA aircraft are certainly capable of long x-country flights, but we need fuel :) @Jay_1984, let me know how I can help!
  11. Hello! I am a young scientist (Biology)/pilot, based at the ANU in Canberra, Australia. I have had a PPL for a while and I just added the RAA-AUS. I am really happy that I discovered this world of aviation enthusiasts! I am now thinking of buying my own aircraft, probably a Skyfox. Not sure yet whether the Gazelle or the tailwheel. I train with Guy Bowley at Blue Shed Aviation in Temora, which is an awesome experience. His tailwheel skills are amazing and I hope he can get me up to speed on those. Oh, and I am available for the odd ferry flight you guys might need. I like travelling and have quite a bit of time at my disposal. So please get in touch! Same is true if you currently have a Skyfox for sale. It will be used for pleasure as well as for science! all the best and good luck you all! Dr Norman Warthmann, Canberra
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