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  1. There is the drone license which allows you to be exempt from those rules. You will also need to submit a flight plan and read the local Notams and list a Notam of your activities under some circumstances.
  2. I am guessing it comes back to the point of "professionalism" and threat and error management. The professional makes themselves educated on the rules and skils, and when there is an ambiguity applies the TEM process to determine risk and take sensible command action. To get a (suitable) RH seat passenger to hold the aircraft straight and level (under supervision) while the pilot is attending to a necessary task for the safe conduct of the flight, would to me not be breaking the rules. Before any non standard action, it's always worth concerning your future explanation during tea and biscuits at CASA HQ if you have a non standard outcome. (Circumstances alter cases).
  3. Hangout at Moorabbin for a while and there are any quantity of stories on Soar. Not all are sourer grapes. The business model looks like grow with lowest common denominator and flip for a big cash out. The price is false economy for the student and a windfall for the company.
  4. It was a good event and well attended. The Saturday dinner was a bit of a chaos with the food (compared to last year) but the company was good. Weather conditions were ok though a dust storm later Saturday arvo. Sunday fly home weather was good. The event is well supported locally by the council. It would be great if RAA could have been there in a more collaborative role, but for reasons we all know, probably won't happen any time soon. With a more "all aviators under one sky" participation, the trade distributors for aircraft and accessories would be there in greater numbers. The trade side of the event is an attraction, but the traders need a good chance of a ROI to show up.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Skyfox Gazelle CA25 Maintenance Manual (Thanks Mick)
  6. Thanks a lot for your offer and help and I will advise how I go next week
  7. Thanks for that link and I was speaking to an L2 today, who referenced that comment about L1 maintainers and paperwork. If they can't do the correct followup on paperwork on reoccurring AD's and the aircraft's prescribed schedule, you would wonder about the work. The foundation point is that one of a sense of professionalism. Must drive the RAA tech dept nuts.
  8. I think so but if you have something available it would be appreciated. Any costs let me know. For some reason the "messages" part of the site is not working for me. Alternatively [email protected]
  9. I think so but not seen it yet. A generous member is sending me an e copy, but if you have something easily available, that would be a great help
  10. Thanks Guys, Info is clear and questions answered. The 12 months or 100 hours, which ever comes first, may be a confusion for some RAA owners. I think there are some out there that don't realise an annual is required. Also I wonder how many maintainers actually have a copy of the required maintenance scheduled for their aircraft and a record of AD's?
  11. Thanks for the reply and no, I have only the POH and still looking for the maintenance schedule or a service manual. I have all the AD's. If you have one and can email it my address is [email protected] It would probably be good to upload it to the Rec flying resources site if possible as a useful reference for any other interested owners.
  12. Thanks Mick. I am transferring the aircraft into my name and hence the condition report for RA Aus. Reading the tech manual it looks like you are correct, but I in case I want to get some help from an L2, any local recommendations would be handy. Also I was advised hat an annual is not necessary if the A/c's maintenance schedule is being followed and AD's/AC's done as required and all work entered in the A/C maintenance log.
  13. Do any members have any recommendations for an L2 that can do an annual inspection on an RA reg Skyfox Gazelle aircraft located in outer Eastern Melbourne? I have an L1 endorsement but I believe the annual needs to be an L2 to do the condition report. Any suggestions from the more experienced brains trust? Any suggestions appreciated.
  14. Just checking.... The flight manual is on the downloads site but is there any chance of getting the CA25N maintenance manual? If I find one I will upload it but they seem hard to find. Thanks Frankus
  15. Despite the weather I would have driven from Melbourne but was having to work Saturday and couldn't change. A real pain.
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