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  1. Qualified Board "helpers" are like evil spirits, you summon them up when you want to smite your enemy, but then efforts to make them go away can bring on a new pestilence. I suppose this comes back to the first rule of power..... If you've got some, use it to get more.
  2. Definitely has the fragrance of fiefdom building there, but the general membership won't have an issue with that if they continue to deliver uncomplicated flying. Probably better than the war zone of GA at the moment.
  3. A registered volunteer skills member bank would be an idea. It would take a little management time but you would hope it would return more than the expenditure of management input. It could also help mitigate the tendency for management "group think" in decision making and planning.
  4. Agreed. To try it on is a conspicuous judgment error. Assuming it is true. But at management level you can't leave the door open to any perception of conflict of interest. The standard of the RAA training is pretty good and their Principles and Methods of Instruction manual is much better than most of the training I had in GA in the 80's. No question they are raising the standards. (All be it a few things missing in the manual, but CFI discretion makes up for it and the standards seem consistent).
  5. Next month we have the RAA Board Elections. The candidate profiles are in the current Sports Pilot magazine and there are contact numbers and email addresses. I am emailing questions to the candidates and deciding for whom I am going to vote. Overall I think the current management have done a good job of furthering the RAA and member interests, but there could be more cooperation and engagement with the rest of the aviation community's interests. Also the small but annoying distractions like the "freedom to fly" registration were not welcome and a sign of either management judgment error or hubris. We all make mistakes and group think mistakes can happen with any board that may or may not be being dominated by a small clique. Any questions the community should be asking? In my dilettante position of complete amateur, I would be interested to see anybody's informed comments. There are a couple of other management questions such as senior executive's business interests and association corporate structural changes, now is the time. Thanks, Frankus
  6. If you look at this from an insurance actuary perspective, we're talking risk of damage divided by cost multiplied by risk exposure in numbers. A Cherokee 140 or C150 with 2 up (maintained under commercial RAA standards), is the same worst case outcome as a J230. As I see it the benefit of weight increase is less customers for AvMed, for those older pilots that want to keep flying their beloved old tinnies. Also more practical rules covering max weight for the Slings, Bristalls and others in that class. Anyone who crosses over with the iron engines would still be better served by maintaining the LAME program on their engines and airframes. Especially considering the age of the aircraft. Sooner CASA/RAA can bring in 750KG's the better. As for the higher weights, still makes sense with the appropriate conditions.
  7. True about the stat massage but remember, this was the ATSB and not CASA that produced the report. CASA are responding. As the safety regulator it's no surprise they would go to the "safest extreme" regardless of how effective it is or addressing the real safety issue. From their culture and viewpoint they are doing their job. Practicality and economics isn't their problem. (And don't bother talking to the Minister without a band of TV cameras behind you). One question I can't get an answer to, but my learned RF colleagues would know..... Does Angle Flight have an opps manual that pilots are tested on?
  8. Frankus1aust


    Do we know what happened? Texting while flying?
  9. Frankus1aust


    And here is something else worth a look.
  10. And here is the most riving few minutes of audio a pilot will ever hear (MU2). Outstanding performance by ATC and crew https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wbm8xzLVgQ4
  11. There's one a Lillydale but the whole pilot review process with CASA means it is sitting in a hangar unused.
  12. I don't think AOPA has too many friends in the RAA management either. However all the headbanging between the 2 groups is trivial and self serving. Especially considering a lot of RAA members are also GA pilots and many (like me) are also AOPA members. The abrasiveness between sections of these organisations is uncalled for and I suspect, fostered by the strident and justified criticism of CASA by AOPA (all be it undiplomatic). No way will RAA be biting the hand that feeds it. Sorry if I am stating the obvious.
  13. Frankus1aust


  14. Hi Foxworker, regarding getting a Gazelle checked over in Melbourne, can you suggest anyone? As an alternative, do you do this for people or have a suggestion in the Brisbane area? Cheers, Frank
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