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  1. Mewp

    Any Site Problems...Site Support

    On the old site I could hover over the subject and see the more detail of the subject. Can this be activated with the new site?
  2. Mewp


    Take what you earn per year and an aircraft annual costs are just a little more.
  3. This test was on a mooney wing, I would expect much greater damage to an LSA aircraft even though it would fly at about half the speed given the lighter materials used. Also LSA and recreational A/C usually fly at lower altitudes than the mooney in cruise. Pity any pilot with an open cockpit at any speed.
  4. Mewp

    Looking for my next plane

    With RAA aircraft we can do our own maintenance. Pass a short on line test to get L1 maintenance approval and you can maintain a factory aircraft as per factory maintenance program but it cannot be used for hire or training. I believe if fully inspected and released by a suitably qualified LAME or L2 it can be then used on line again.
  5. Mewp

    shark fin antenna

    Only problem I have had with stick and ball was when I broke it off while washing the underside of the a/c. Fin are stronger.
  6. The theory is vapour lock and this video appears to show the pilot trying the impossible turn to return to the runway. 2 POB both badly injured but alive. Piper Sport aircraft.
  7. Mewp

    Tie downs

    Any progress on the manufacture of the "scout tent pegs" They look to be the answer for me.
  8. Governments view milk as an essential food group and when farmers try using collective bargaining or withholding product they are threatened with punitive action. If the product is an essential food why not set a base price for the raw material to keep the industry viable. All we have seen is a push for smaller operators to get big or get out. This is quickly shifting the industry from local to foreign owned and creating small communities/towns depleted of population and commerce. Once again a free market ethos at all costs.
  9. Mewp

    Elon Musk Flight to Mars ?

    apparently it is headed for the asteroid belt so a lot of large rocks
  10. Mewp

    Choice of aircraft - straw poll

    Alpi Pioneer 300 and 330 Hawk series. Really stable, fast and great to fly.
  11. Mewp

    CASA's Worst Nightmare

    what next, replace this forum with a flying soapbox
  12. Mewp

    Are bubble canopies hot?

    Yep hot. My canopy has been painted overhead which reduces the direct sun on your head. A better fix would have been vinyl wrap which could be removed or re-positioned unlike paint.
  13. Mewp

    Simex tyres

    Time is coming around where I will need to replace the tires and I came across the simex brand and believe they are manufactured in Malaysia and have had contracts with Boeing. Just wondering if anyone has had experience with this brand. My size is 500-5 6ply. Thanks Matt
  14. Mewp

    Benalla Rent Hike 550%

    I believe any airport transferred from the commonwealth to local government must remain an airport unless re-use is signed off by the commonwealth. Cross funding local government departments is easy when cost recovery principals are applied. Oncosts charged against a specific tied grant soon reduce the grants total funds applied DIRECTLY to the project and can be greater than 50%. This is not illegal but standard accounting practice.
  15. Mewp

    A380 Crosswind Landing

    did a few myself today - 15kts g30Kts 40Deg Xwind - right on my A/C limits