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  1. It appears the opening screen with the login button is pointing to an incorrect link https://www.recreationalflying.com/forums/login/ and comes back with an error "page cannot be found". The link on the LHS menu points to https://www.recreationalflying.com/login/ and works.
  2. Mewp


  3. Local dealer here is towing a boat around to demonstrate the towing ability of the hybrid. The prius cannot tow and you cannot fit a towbar to it. The best they allow is a bike rack. Toyota web site shows towbar as option for the rav4
  4. Have had 4 prius hybrids over last 10 yrs. Never had a problem with any of them and the current one has 240K on clock. Perfect combination of battery and ICE for Aus. I drive Melb to Gold Coast 4 times a year, 110 k/h most of the way @ 4.8 L / 100k. Cant tow with the prius but the new AWD Rav 4 can and gets 4.8 L / 100k. Nice vehicle too. My sister has a Tesler and just gets from Melb to Albury before needing a charge. The super charger only charges to 80% (to save battery) so another charge at Euroa to get back home. Australia is perfect for hybrids because of the distances travelled if you want more than a 50K commute vehicle. Same with electric aircraft, good for circuit training or specific duties, not as long distance commuters.
  5. A vinyl wrap on the area may protect the skin and can be easily removed when necessary
  6. I wonder if it is trying to heat the carb body close to the venturi and not the air passing through.
  7. Good luck with W & B issues. Un supervised customers will eagerly exceed baggage limits and loading restrictions, just ask any airline what people try to get away with.
  8. On the old site I could hover over the subject and see the more detail of the subject. Can this be activated with the new site?
  9. Take what you earn per year and an aircraft annual costs are just a little more.
  10. This test was on a mooney wing, I would expect much greater damage to an LSA aircraft even though it would fly at about half the speed given the lighter materials used. Also LSA and recreational A/C usually fly at lower altitudes than the mooney in cruise. Pity any pilot with an open cockpit at any speed.
  11. With RAA aircraft we can do our own maintenance. Pass a short on line test to get L1 maintenance approval and you can maintain a factory aircraft as per factory maintenance program but it cannot be used for hire or training. I believe if fully inspected and released by a suitably qualified LAME or L2 it can be then used on line again.
  12. Only problem I have had with stick and ball was when I broke it off while washing the underside of the a/c. Fin are stronger.
  13. The theory is vapour lock and this video appears to show the pilot trying the impossible turn to return to the runway. 2 POB both badly injured but alive. Piper Sport aircraft.
  14. Any progress on the manufacture of the "scout tent pegs" They look to be the answer for me.
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