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  1. burrac

    Aviation ID data hack

    All sorts of problems with this situation, but if recreational pilots didn't get sucked into the security state's black hole for daring to land at a regional airport that has RPT, they wouldn't now have their personal details out there ready to use for identity theft. I doubt very much that privacy was given any serious thought by the pollies and bureaucrats when they burdened us with this. What do you do? Get an ASIC through CASA, who don't want to know you because you are RAAus, wait however many months, and still probably be just as exposed to privacy breaches? Or go with a private company that has a 1999 time warp website, which might go some way to explaining this breach?
  2. burrac

    Just landed

    Thanks Phil, will do.
  3. burrac

    Just landed

    Hi all I've been enjoying reading this forum for a while, so time to say hi and get a bit more involved. A little while back my old man got back into flying after a long break. I was having a beer with a pilot friend, and mentioned that I would like to learn to fly. When he said that he instructs with a club, I booked a TIF in a heartbeat. So, I've been learning to fly at The Oaks with the Sydney Recreational Flying club in a Foxbat. What a great experience! It is every bit as exciting as my childhood dreams, and now it's becoming a reality. About a month ago I flew first solo which was one of the more rewarding things I've done, and not something I will ever forget. See you about in the forums. Cheers Andrew