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  1. dunnc

    Hi all

    I can't say I share the same enthusiasm for the moniker although with my surname being Dunn I am more than used to it.
  2. dunnc

    Hi all

    Thanks guys. I'm definitely open to all options thats for sure and have time to consider while I save. I mentioned Bankstown because I live on the Northern beaches and it is by far and away the closest however if cheaper options and more actual flight time can be had from Camden or the Oaks then I'd be a fool not to go and pay everyone a visit. I'll check Dave's out but has anyone any recommendation for Camden out of Curtis or Airborne Aviation? Is Camden fairly busy as well? Just wondering whether the benefits are worth the extra drive time. I'l defnitely have a look at RPL + cross country, as this seems to fit what I want out my license but I thought that it would essentially be the same as a PPL anyway - if this is cheaper then I'll got that way for sure. While I save I will try and self study as much theory as I can without the practicle experience balancing this out. Much research to be done but good that I have some time while I'm saving so I can make an informed choice. Thanks guys and looking forward to some serious lurking through these forums. Dunny
  3. Hi everyone, I have started to save up some pennies to undergo flight training (probably from Bankstown). I have always wanted to fly and now the mortgage and kids age are at a more controlled stage I can start to get excited about this. Looking forward to soaking up as much as I can before diving in so Ill spend my money wisely. Essentially I'm aiming for Ppl so I can fly the family on weekends away and plenty of solo time as well. I'm trying to figure out the sweet spot in terms of how much training per month so I don't waste too much with remedial work. This will probably mean I can't start as early as I'd like but I'll have to balance enthusiasm with realities. I also want to ensure I have funds at the end to fly regularly after gaining license. Any advice is appreciated Dunny
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