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  1. Thanks. it is a lot of hard work to polish it but is paying off.
  2. Thought I might jump on and do a small update on the beast. We have been hard at it in the shop latley. We have the wings, doors, struts, tail feathers, basically everything test fit. We are almost done with all the cosmetics and after that just engine and avionics left, which arrived a couple weeks ago. I will see if i cant get a few pics up. Here is a few pics i just pulled off the phone. If any one has a specific request or something just let me know. Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
  3. Yup my uncles name is Jim and it wouldnt surprise me if he has mentioned my uncle. We are good friends with Valter and his crew. Valter is a super guy and instructor. I will see if i cant get a pic posted up soon with the panel i am talking about. Just noticed it looks like you are in the 5000s. I had many rides in that thing. To bad he sold it off. Although that is what he does i guess.
  4. We are up here in Wichita Falls. thank you for the welcome. yes and no to what I am looking for. we have piece that goes right in front of the boot for coms but want to add a center console to connect it to panel.
  5. My uncle and I embarked on building this monster about 2 years ago and hope to have it finished soon. We haven't had to much trouble so far and has been a great experience all the way around. We have all the individual parts put together and are doing mostly cosmetic work now. Engine and avionics wont be here till end of October. Now more to the point. We are in search of ideas, schematics, or diagrams for a piece in the cockpit. We want to use the radio panel that comes with the plane that is placed directly in front of the stick. That is all fine and good but we want to attach it to the instrument panel. Icp doesn't make those.. or if they do we had a misunderstanding. Just wondering if any one did this and if so how? This has the piece i am speaking of directly infront of the stick. http://www.ulmoccasion.com/media/02/00/1736776991.JPG Would not be mind something like this either even though i know it is probably custom. http://www.ulm-experience.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Tableau-de-bord-Savannah-S.jpg If any one could point me in the right direction or give some advise i would much appreciate it.
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