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  1. There is a meeting being organised between the AOPA and Scenic Rim Council to discuss future of Boonah Airfield. https://aopa.com.au/aopa-australia-to-meet-with-scenic-rim-regional-council-to-discuss-future-of-boonah-airfield/?fbclid=IwAR3-dhhZTfIcx0gPdqDlVTVVMzKOzmc4-FDk5LyI6qx1ifeyxsyPF6D_QJE
  2. Hey all, Have posted link to a Beaudesert Times article regarding to proposal to close the airfield at Boonah in the Scenic Rim QLD. There is also a Save Boonah Airfield FaceBook page looking to obtain signatures for an online petition to fight the closure. Admin if this is not allowed please delete. https://www.beaudeserttimes.com.au/story/6396975/boonah-residents-oppose-council-decision-on-airfield/?fbclid=IwAR20LhmOHf4H0DHLwcTtm-a16YizlS2oZxhWGxX2J1UONGEhIcWbVI5RTyg
  3. MartyG


  4. Hi Jarrath, Member P4D sent me a copy a couple of years ago but I lost it when my old computer died, If he,s still around he may still have a copy. Cheers
  5. Had a 40 minute flight with the wife from Boonah checking out Lake Moogerah, Slightly bumpy day but beautiful place to fly. It was the first time since 1986 the Wife and I had flown together, Slightly nervous but said she enjoyed it. Ran into Danny_galaga for brief chat so good day allround. Cheers
  6. Very sad to lose a loved one, Condolences to his family & friends.
  7. Cheers m8, I,ll give you a yell when i can get up that way as long as it suits you of course, hopefully next week. cheers
  8. Absolutely agree m8, mine was just an example, Eyes outside more than in for sure, Just think people should be more precise with position calls. Cheers
  9. Absolutely right Roundsounds but i think Down under was referring to pilots joining crosswind through the the very middle of runway, I would never join crosswind beyond the departure threshold for the very reason you stated. But if I am near midfield on downwind and someone calls joining crosswind I am naturally going to start looking towards the departure threshold area, not 90 degrees to my immediate right.
  10. You would think it was laziness & not what they have been taught, With aircraft in the circuit area being in close proximity to each other that is not the time for vauge position reports. The last thing you need in the circuit is looking for someone where they say they are and not being able to find them because their crossing 200ft behind you on downwind.
  11. Yeh the Red demo model at Airventure was very impressive.
  12. Cheers, your a good m8 as always, and don't forget if you ever want that Sierra looked after for any extended period of time I,m happy to do it m8, would even give it plenty of exercise for you
  13. Hey guys, Anyone in the Qld Southeast in the process of building either a Sonex or Zenith601/650 & wouldn't mind someone popping in to check it out, Plenty of YouTube stuff on builds but would like to see one in the flesh. Cheers
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