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  1. Colin Furze (in my top 5 Of youtubers) built one in his shed some time ago so there should be good factory sorted machines available now.
  2. Thruster88

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Harlow PJC-2. Have been harvesting, "wing with external ribs" got the previous in one hit.
  3. Thruster88

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Emigh Trojan A-2
  4. Thruster88

    Were the Wright Brothers in Newton's camp?

    They had to brace the wings with the steel cables anyway why not have them pilot adjustable, no extra weight or drag, brilliant engineering.
  5. Thruster88

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    ENAER t35 pillar. Similar to a Beech t34, bird's of a feather flock together.
  6. Thruster88

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Eathstar Gull 2000
  7. Just as not all schools now offer tail wheel endorsements, in the future if the CTA thing does get up, there might be many schools that don't offer this service due to cost and low demand.
  8. I question the use of aileron in the power on stalling sequence, it may work fine in that aircraft but you might go on to less forgiving types.
  9. Thruster88

    SSB Lithium Iron batteries

    Not sure what type of battery this is but very scary.
  10. Thanks for the good answers guys, l will ask another stupid question. With Soar and others operating in CTA would the legally required paperwork at all levels school, raa, casa not all ready be in place?. Is it safe to fly in CTA with self cert medical ?. Can Soar and others fly into essenden or are they limited to their base?.
  11. Would it not be the case that a school wishing to offer CTA endorsement would get their instructors trained at their expense at a school able to offer this service. A pilot wanting a CTA endorsment would pay for their own training, buy the transponder and get the medical. It has been pointed out that any RAA pilot can do this now. I don't see this impacting someone who just wants to fly a Thruster around the farm.
  12. We already have RAA instructors teaching in RAA aircraft in CTA so all the paper must be in place? What else would be needed.
  13. Thruster88

    Avoiding the Base-to-Final Stall/Spin

    This is a great video from a no bullshit guy that has 20 years of real flying expirennce.
  14. Thruster88

    RAAus to disclose member details

    I do feel sorry for any business that operates at warnervale