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  1. Thruster88

    Drifter Conversion to Rotax 912

    I have never flown a drifter but I have respect for them. Would I want a 912 on my Thruster, no, it would be pointless, the 582 is perfect for this class of aircraft.
  2. Yes ERSA implies transponder required.
  3. I'm a PPL that has never flown thru R421A, but if I was doing it for the first time I would study ERSA to know the requirements , arrive at the first point of contact, make the call, there is zero requirement to have a flight plan in place. If you can talk the talk it would be A case of "catch me if you can" .
  4. Thruster88

    This bloke's seen it all...

    Yes in 2018 lion air 610 should not have happened
  5. Thruster88

    Drifter Conversion to Rotax 912

    The 618 was 75? Hp due to the power valves, good on a kart or bike where they open and close often keeping them free from carbon.
  6. A very good message for all pilots regardless of how experienced we may be.
  7. Thruster88

    RAAus in the Senate.

    Might be about drones, RAA wants to be the regulator ?
  8. Thruster88

    Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?

    Globe swift, luscombe 8a v the Auster, I rest my case.
  9. Thruster88


    Live atc app is very good, listen to bankstown tower and practice catching callsigns, type, intentions etc.
  10. Thruster88

    Strategic plan?

    I watched the AGM to see what the strategic plan might be, if RAA goes into any commercial operations I will no longer be a member. There was some talk about the oaks? but it didn't seem serious.
  11. Thruster88

    Flyin Competitions/Games

    The good old days may not return.
  12. Thruster88

    Strategic plan?

    I watched the AGM and it seemed to me that they had listened to what members have been saying. The only thing I thought was a bit off was at the beginning when MM referred to the Wentworth accident "A eurofox or foxbat or something" seemed like they were trying to down play it.
  13. Thruster88

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Bailey-Moyes Dragonfly. I saw one at Forbes recently, didn't know they are Australian
  14. Thruster88

    New fuel rules start today 08/11/2018

    Nobody is going to want to make that Mayday call with all their peer' s listening so everyone will land with 30 mins remaining. it might just work.
  15. Thruster88

    drifter electric fuel primer

    That is not a Rotax part. The cable operated chokes are simple, safe, and work well. I have used similar solinoid valves in farming and they can be troublesome.