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  1. Thruster88

    Changing CASA?

    I think Mr 19votes from Queensland was able to match or better that.
  2. This explains how it all happened. A lot to think about even if you only fly a simple aircraft.
  3. If the next crew did not get a heads up WTF?
  4. Yes, all the bypass air(most of the thrust) has to go under the wing, all the newer aircraft have very little clearance.
  5. The problem as I understand it is the massive fan diameter on the newer fuel efficient engines. The engines have to be positioned lower further from the centre of drag. This causes a pitch up when thrust is applied. The only clean sheet design that would eliminate this would be a high wing with under slung engines, the public would not like this. The engines on the new 777-x have a similar diameter to the 737 fuselage.
  6. Thruster88

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Blue yonder merlin GT
  7. Thruster88

    CASA booklet

    You can get all this good info and more for free by attending one of casa's exelent Avsafety seminars. In our area they are presented by someone who is a current GA pilot and opperator. If casa employed a few less lawyer's and more people like her the world would be a better place.
  8. Thruster88

    Engine mounts

    https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.superformance.com.au/assets/files/Brands/Mackay%20Vibration%20Isolators%20Catalogue.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwijtLn504zhAhUCdysKHdWQC9sQFjACegQIBRAB&usg=AOvVaw2_YZ3g1Tl9RHAgfXMU-THl You might find them here.
  9. Thruster88

    CASA booklet

    Yes, looking forward the Rylstone fly in may 18
  10. They may need to wait until the report is released. The two previous flights, maintenance, the role of management and the chief pilot will all be of interest. Were the pilot's aware of the aircraft's problems, did they know what the other crews did to recover ?
  11. Remember the story of the "little old lady that swallowed the fly". The gps "terrain floor failsafe" if it malfunctioned could cause the aircraft to stall (if the MCAS was working correctly) or prevent a landing (imagine the terrain floor stuck at 12000' resulting in fuel exhaustion. The reason I would happily fly in a max 8 with Mr Brown is because he owns a Luscome 8A, a lovely old aircraft devoid of any electronic gadgets that is flown by looking out the front with only occasional reference to the ASI, also he seems to understand how trim systems work.
  12. Thruster88

    Locator Beacons, March Aus Sport Pilot mag.

    It's not in there, I really like the magazine since Mark Smith became editor, great stories and pics. Cut a couples of pages from the front, perfect.
  13. Thruster88

    Tell us about your last flight

    I see airventure Australia is going to be at Parkes NSW 20-22sept 2019. Since it's only 33 miles I will be going in the Thruster. It would be great to get a bunch of traditional tube and rag ultralights attending, anyone up for it ?.
  14. If it was in north America or Australia when we get them I would not have a problem especially if they were flown by this guy