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  1. Since this has to be done when fires don't burn properly it would be a serious amount of smoke. Have seen the Sydney basin filled with smoke from just a few hazard reductions.
  2. I believe this only works on boats. An electrolyte? Solution is required to complete the circuit.
  3. The fly wheel only will not allow the engine to develop any meaningful power, a propeller loads the engine as revs rise like a dyno would.
  4. Hi Adrian, don't let the nay sayers put you off. I get a lot of satisfaction from owning. I know it would be more economical to rent and now live in an area with plenty of choice only 50 km away, it used to be 200.
  5. I am certain no one is contemplating legal action.
  6. The Beech 23 is also worth considering, they are beautifully built. This is what my 56 year old looks like on the inside, not many of the parts were painted internally back then. If you see any amount of corrosion in any aircraft pass.
  7. It would appear that there will be no draw so all ticket holders would be potential plaintiff's yes?
  8. I was wondering why it was not drawn on the day but fully understand now. We can all only feel a little miffed rather than one person being very pissed.
  9. If the grass and cross wind are that extreme it may be prudent to land elsewhere.😀
  10. Each 10 degrees Celsius increase in inlet temperature will cause about 3% loss of power.
  11. What aircraft is used for the CPL test and how do the students gain the experience with only an RPC
  12. The Ute manufacturer failed to provide an adequate filtration system but the owner will have to foot the $10k repaire bill, nice.
  13. https://zoom.earth/#view=-31.617,151.446,6.84z/date=2019-11-08,pm I would not like to be flying down low on the down wind side of this where the fire fronts are.
  14. Had a look on flight radar to see how the 737 is going, N138GC. Yesterday flew 7 missions from Coff's to a fire near Taree, old bar. Flight time about one hour. Two 802 Airtractors operating from Taree would have smashed it, it would be interesting to know how many AT802's could be had for the cost of the 737.
  15. In my Thruster career I have also done hundreds of forced landings with the engine switches off, it is a sure way to become truly comfortable with handling it for real.
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