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  1. Thruster88

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Junkers ju 287
  2. The report (2002) indicates that the right engine "failed" due to no fuel in the right tank, so it's unlikely that it was producing any useful power.
  3. This Beech 76 made it back in a similar situation (propeller not feathered) with 3 pax. https://www.atsb.gov.au/publications/investigation_reports/2002/aair/aair200200047/
  4. Thruster88

    Accident and defect

    2519.1 hours flown for the first 17? Days of 2019 is only going to be 54,086 hours for the full year, so get out and start flying you slackers
  5. Thruster88

    2018 is going to be great

    Did anyone see the total for 2018 ? Last time I checked the RAA site in early December we had flown about 400,000 hours, makes for a good accident rate.
  6. The pilots were facing a runaway trim, why it was happening does not matter. As you would know facthunter all ? 737's have 2 large trim wheels tha rotate whenever trim is happening and 2 switches to stop electric trim, one stops autopilot trim and the other stop ALL electric trim even the MCAS ?. I am only a PPL and have only looked at a 737 POH for five minutes but i have always been aware of runaway electric trim as any pilot should be. It's a shame the CVR can't be found.
  7. Thruster88

    Cowl Air Temperatures

    I mean the factory setups drawing from the inner guard area compared to the HQ Holden etc sucking out of the engine bay.
  8. Thruster88

    Cowl Air Temperatures

    The prop will require less power on a hot day for a fixed rpm. This why there is only one static rpm in the POH and no allowance for altitude or density altitude. Orange NSW on a 35 C day, DA 6000' would still give me 2450rpm but the power is way down compared to sea level. Any efficiency tests would have to be done on a good dyno to measure the power produced.
  9. Thruster88

    Cowl Air Temperatures

    I wonder why none of the car manufacturers are adopting this, they all seem to have cold air intakes on EFI engines. Maybe their engineers are not very smart.
  10. It's the beech 23, 220 total, a lot for a little plane.
  11. This is a cheap and foolproof system, probably not casa approved but god would like it.
  12. Thruster88

    Cowl Air Temperatures

    Engines lose about 3% power for each 1000' alt increase. From our BAK I we know that 1 degrees C is 120' of density altitude, so your +10-20 C inlet temp would result in a 3-7 HP loss.
  13. Thruster88

    Another NEW Savannah S on it's way in NZ

    Could the muffler be moved to the left a bit (headers rotated anti clockwise viewed from the front ?
  14. I can understand flying with low fuel, I have done it, but over a forest ? That don't make cents.
  15. Thruster88

    YAK 3 pilot sueing

    I don't think the yak landed on either runway, the big orange things could have been a aircraft holding.