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  1. We all have straight furrows now with 2cm differential correction autosteer, I could not drive a tractor or sprayer with out it.
  2. Well there is only so much one can say about a high performance stol aircraft failing to take off and the thread drift has been interesting, but gardening that's a bit to extreme.😄
  3. You fly like a bird, without reliance on instruments or windsocks because because we can sense, hear, observe.
  4. All grounded from midnight tonight july20 for 15 days. Hope for all the commercial operator's that this can be resolved in a timely way. CASA has written to all Australian operators of GA8 aircraft advising them of the temporary suspension and reminding them of their obligation to comply with all applicable GA8 Airworthiness Directives issued by CASA Could be somthing in that.
  5. https://images.app.goo.gl/zBbq3dnnUPTdFfYx5 This would be my choice, exelent engineering, fun to fly and it's a taildragger.
  6. You become one with the aircraft, total freedom.
  7. Total BS spacesailer. Did you meet this "acquaintance" at the pub ? I have heard some ripper stories in my time. Always smile on the inside when it concerns an area I have some knowledge of.
  8. Happy with my 3T/ha average yield(of great quality wheat), not struggling. Do not get and don't want any subsidies from the gubmint.
  9. Don't feel sorry for the insurance company, they will adjust their premiums to remain very profitable. It is all of us that pay extra for piss poor piloting.
  10. Speaking as an AME and pilot it is far more likely that the pilot lost control leading to structural failure or a parachute deployed in the aircraft leading to structural failure. I may be over sensitive.
  11. I presume that you are seeing this as the needle moving rapidly on a mechanical gauge? This is caused by the normal pulsation of the diaphragm fuel pump at half crankshaft speed. Have seen this when I installed a VDO fuel pressure gauge in my Thruster. To fix I used about 4m of 1/8' od nylon line coiled up. One reason the problem may show after some time is that normally the line to gauge is mostly filled with air providing some damping, as the air bleeds away it allows the incompressable liquid to hammer the gauge.
  12. Yes it is, I would suggest doing it after a ground run, cowl on then off, two people. It is only to check the CHT probes. Is that cylinder running cool or is the probe dead.
  13. Is it the same pa28 you have now?
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