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  1. That is interesting, I flew a Thruster once that was fitted with a BMW twin opposed driving thru a rotax C box, vibration was low like a 582. The gearbox would help giving more power pulses per prop revolution ? The HKS twin was tried on the Thruster in the 90's, don't think it was successful. The HKS is still in production and looks good on paper, anyone have any experience?
  2. It was an interesting day, vis would have been down to 500m. Talked to a guy while we sheltered in the aero club who turned out to be kevin from the forum. All the planes will need a good wash
  3. Thruster88


    It would be due to landing considerations, I would not like to have any less up elevator in the Musketeer. One reason that pilots may get into trouble is to much up trim, they don't feel that they are pulling back but the trim tab is very powerful. It is more difficult to gauge the position of a control yoke compared to a joy stick that changes angle as it is moved. Maybe the inner part of the yoke shaft could be painted red, when the red appears a stall is imminent, it would work regardless of airspeed and trim. Certified aircraft that have a stall warning vane (angle of attack) and loud horn should be fool proof, the Pipers with only the little red idiot light don't seem to fare any worse in stall accidents. A few times I have heard the stall horn chirp and released some back pressure, would I have seen the light, unlikely.
  4. The wilga airframe is limited to only 5200 hours total time in service. It is an AD in Australia.
  5. So down to only 100kts GS, oh you poor thing😁
  6. Forecast wind on Saturday is making me undecided if I will fly the Thruster. Will most likely drive over, if anyone needs any kind of help call me oh four five nine 521 660
  7. You are so right, it's no wonder journalist's struggle with this stuff. I have seen a million pictures of draco, just assumed being high wing that it was strutted.
  8. I would not say the wings have broken off, one strut has collapsed and the other has broken most likely due to the undercarriage having been torn from the aircraft sideways. The wings are still bolted to the fuselage. I missed the nose dive bit. It is no wonder journalist's struggle with this stuff.
  9. Yes but you are only seeing about 25% ? Of the total traffic, untill we have a common system it is only a better than nothing but not the complete package.
  10. https://www.avweb.com/aviation-news/tailbeacon-gets-stc/ The technology is getting cheap enough. It would only cost the government about $25M to equip all the non IFR aircraft in oz, added bonus they could keep an eye us.😎 Owners could fit ADSB in at their discretion $500?
  11. That has been my experience at work. We look after a number of RAA types and even some VH that could already have been RAA registered. On the VH-XXX side only a few owner's will come in and assist with their annual, I think this can make for a better pilot having a good understanding of the aircraft's system's. Preparation of the paper work that will pass audit is a time consuming process, the spanner turning is the easy bit.
  12. Have experienced this also, the toggle flips over but nothing happens inside the switch. Obvious when it's the master or ignition switch on the Thruster.
  13. Appreciate his honesty, I will go forward thinking am I about to have a Draco moment.
  14. I can highly recommend going for a lap in his Extra 300, a truly unforgettable experience.
  15. If you are talking hydraulic valve lifters then the valve still opens at least 75% even with the lifter collapsed (no oil). On a Lycoming the collapsed valve clearance is checked and adjusted with different length push rods. I presume the Rotax is similar.
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