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  1. I have made my position clear, anyone interested can form their opinion and see if they were right when the final report is out. Just have to wait a few years.
  2. First day back for a Cessna 172 and this happens https://www.atsb.gov.au/publications/investigation_reports/2018/aair/ao-2018-005/ I sympathise for the pilot. If casa was to introduce just one more rule it should be that all old or new aircraft with crap fuel gauges must have a dip stick calibrated in litres, the repeatability of this simple piece of aluminium is truly amazing.
  3. Just on the culture in organisations I would like to know and it will come out in the final report(s) did the two crews of lion air that successfully overcame MCAS on that accident aircraft give a heads up to the chief pilot, and was this passed on to all other crew and Boeing. I believe crew no 3 trimmed against MCAS 29 times so I am thinking they did not get it.
  4. We all know from our BAK that wings stall at about 16 degrees aoa regardless of airspeed. So when we lower 30 degrees of flap to zoom over an obstacle and the main wing is at say 10 degrees aoa, why don't the flaps stall and not provide much lift only a lot of drag ?.
  5. Click on it to expand, each line is labelled and significant events are noted.
  6. The loader is driven in between the tails on the airtruck, so mabye the space craft is presented the same way.
  7. It may be the same reason as on the Transavia airtruk, loading
  8. A Honda 100hp outboard engine costs about 14k and is based on the jazz engine, the jazz (the car) costs about 17k, so what would honda charge for a low volume aircraft engine? It would have to be a new design horizontal engine to gain any traction in the marketplace.
  9. I will say it one more time, runaway trim however it is caused is a memory item for a ATPL. Agree MCAS is a crap system.
  10. I am surprised that no-one has brought up the 737 rudder hard over issue that resulted in two hull losses. Actually I think that they are and they train for it a lot. The ground was much much further away because MCAS does not operate with take off flap extended.
  11. My position has always been that anyone who pilot's any aircraft with electric trim needs to be able to deal with runaway trim (however it is caused ) from memory without delay. It has happened many times and will continue to happen.https://www.atsb.gov.au/publications/investigation_reports/2019/aair/ao-2019-019/ MCAS mk1 was piss poor engineering.
  12. Totally agree M6A1 but it's not a popular position here. One thing i would like to know is did lion air 610 crew get a heads up from the two previous lion air incidents. By the time of Ethiopian 409 a drovers dog knew it would be a bad idea to retract flaps in the situation they faced. ATPL's need to be able to handle any type of emergency, QF32, US Airways 1549 etc. Agree the MCAS mk1 is piss poor engineering.
  13. You lowered the nose reducing the induced DRAG and out climbed those xxxxing trees.?
  14. Bald Eagle, you and I are just suffering from "observer bias in the aviation world"
  15. For a bit of light reading I enjoyed The diary of "jack flyer" by Tim Heylbut and Buckley's chance by Bob Stevens.
  16. http://flash.avweb.com/eletter/4312-full.html?ET=avweb:e4312:2460744a:&st=email#232568 For anyone who is not signed up to Avweb, Paul Bertorelli is a very good and amusing aviation journalist.
  17. https://www.theadvocate.com.au/story/6007551/from-idea-to-reality-bob-finally-ready-for-world-record-flight/?fbclid=IwAR0TbBwfmZbQexCGD8SemBHZIth4YUhy-RpKblJK8qvfLp2-tTkcPGk9-T0 Good luck Bob.
  18. Miller Bipe C. They have made a couple starting with a tri pacer.
  19. If I was I was concerned with the release of my private data I would get a P.O. box. In 23 years of VH ownership with my home address freely available the only thing that has happened is Aviation Trader, which I enjoy. If mode S transponders become mandatory for all down the track then there will be something to whine about.
  20. A pa20 ? That some fool has added another pair of wings to. Think of the hours spent in the shed when they could have been out flying a great aircraft.
  21. Haltech could sell you a system if you fitted the necessary sensors, to them it would be just another 2.2l 4 cyl. Would it make the jab more reliable? I can't see it. Would it save 1-2 lph maybe, it would be a long pay back.