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  1. Thruster88

    Prop recommendations please

    Bolly, Aussie, well made, tested, proven, adjustable, good value.
  2. Thruster88

    RAAus really do not care about procedures

    "RAAus continues to experience strong growth in both member numbers and aircraft registrations. We also continue to see improvements in our safety record." 1 year ago approx 3350 aircraft, today Sunday Feb 17 2019 3341 aircraft. The above is somthing a politician would say. Why haven't any of the 2000 odd new members in the last year acquired aircraft ?
  3. One advantage of being a farmer is you can spot a deep ripped paddock from 2000'. The pilot did a good job of keeping his airspeed up, could have slowed it more at the end, was he into wind?. My Thruster would handle that field with it's 6.00x6 tyres and the 582 wouldn't have failed in the first place (just kidding). Nobody died always a good result.
  4. Thruster88

    CASA set to "fix" community service flights

    The users of CSF flights have been and will continue to be transported, and no I don't work for casa.
  5. Thruster88

    CASA set to "fix" community service flights

    I guess they had to be seen to be doing something after Mount Gambier, now everyone has been talking hopefully that situation won't happen again. To me casa is saying if you are going to do CSF flights you need to be professional even if your only a PPL.
  6. Thruster88

    Tell us about your last flight

    Now the weather is a bit cooler (only 32 C today) I am flying to my part time ame job, only 16nm so not a big time saver but more fun than driving. Only a 10 metre walk at each end.
  7. Thruster88

    CASA set to "fix" community service flights

    https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2019L00134?utm_source=phplist1740&utm_medium=email&utm_content=HTML&utm_campaign=New+minimum+standards+for+community+service+flights+[SEC%3DUNCLASSIFIED]#_Toc349309 This is all reasonable in my opinion. They have dropped the 12 year time limit on engine overhaul.
  8. Thruster88

    Contact at Bush Flyers Down Under?

    I am in the group and also a Facebook ludite.
  9. That is sad, if I owned one of these I would be fitting a fixed mast. Simplicity is usually best.
  10. Why would they place the variable payload of zero to 220 kg ? So far ahead of the C of G. The craft only seems to fly in virtual reality.
  11. Thruster88


    Welcome, nice aircraft.
  12. Thruster88

    Cheap endoscope

    Cheap $27 endoscope looking for cracks in the main boom inside the stainless sleave at the forward horizontal stabilizer spar on a thruster. Very impressed how good it works. That's a 3/16 stainless pop rivet.
  13. Speaking of two stuck together this one is pretty awesome
  14. Pics are not very clear but appears to be folding mast model
  15. If you overhaul your engine at time intervals not exceeding 12 years this won't happen according to casa😕
  16. Thruster88

    Forced Landing, Sunshine Coast

    Looking at the tree damage It went like this one except it only yawed 90 degrees
  17. Thruster88

    Forced Landing, Sunshine Coast

    A great job by the pilot, shows what can be done when the aircraft is flown under control to the end. 52 knot full flap stall speed in the A36. Hope this 40year old plane gets to fly another day.
  18. Thruster88

    Cheap endoscope

    I think a differential compression tester will show any valve problem more reliably than an endoscope.
  19. Thruster88

    Cheap endoscope

    The camera is 8mm dia and comes with a mirror fitting to look at 90, has led light and good resolution. EBay. I taped light tie wire to the cable can bend to suit.
  20. Thruster88

    The Day the Music Died.

    Not much has changed 60 years later
  21. Thruster88

    Cheap endoscope

    Did not see any faults and have not heard of anything but if it was to crack it would happen inside the stainless brackets and not be visable from the outside. Mine has about 1300tt nearly all by me and no training.
  22. Thruster88

    Airstrip approved

    The Rotax 912 is absolutely a real engine, I would rate it equally for reliability with a lycoming. I think you will find the brake specific fuel consumption is very similar as well, my 160 hp burns 33lph. Props make the noise.
  23. Thruster88

    Airstrip approved

    Stepping up to the lycoming 0-320 should make it all very enjoyable.
  24. Thruster88

    My first video - Circuits at YSGR

    Hi Kevin, it will be interesting to see if your egt increases when you coursen the prop as per Jabiru SB 18-2.