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  1. BusaKaine

    Kooralbyn Airfield for Breakfast

    I went to Valley Kitchen a few weeks ago, unfortuanly when I landed the windsock was missing. The Valley Kitchen does great coffee and breakfast as well. It’s a nice little airstrip, watch the bump just at the beginning of 30. Yes unfortunately the building has been trashed, looks like it would have been great in the day.
  2. BusaKaine

    Hello from Johannesburg South Africa

    Seriously looking at it, the only issue I just recently found is that I want to do Angle Flights, and they won’t use experimental... so need to look more at my options.
  3. BusaKaine

    Tell us about your last flight

    Yesterday I took my first flight in a Cirrus SR20. What an amazing plane, so comfortable and fast. A big change from our little PA28. Apart from the cost, this is something I would love to fly often.
  4. BusaKaine

    Hello from Johannesburg South Africa

    Hi and welcome, I was over in SA last month, I flew the new Sling 4 TSi and OMG, that is an amazing machine. Nice strip there at Tedderfield as well. Enjoy.
  5. BusaKaine

    SSB Lithium Iron batteries

    I cant comment from an aviation point, but I use the SSB batteries in my motorbikes and JetSki, awesome weight saving, massive CCA. Well worth it from that point.
  6. That seems strange, given that at the moment, certain aircraft that are able to be registered with 700kg or more are also able to be RAA rego for 600kg....
  7. I stopped there last year on my way to Orchid Beach as my PAX needed an urgent stop and couldn’t wait to Orchid beach and as I didn’t have an ASIC card last year only flying RAA I didnt want to stop in H’Bay. It was very deserted but a nice big runway.
  8. BusaKaine

    New to the forums

    Hi and welcome, we have a Piper at Archerfield, I fly into Caloundra and occasionally into Caboolture.
  9. BusaKaine

    Getting Back

    I had 18 years between starting to learn and finishing. The hours I had done previously count and as it’s competency based, it will be however long it takes you to get back to it.
  10. BusaKaine

    hi there

    Welcome, I was just in SA yesterday for the past 10 days, went to The Airplane Factory on Monday. Some crazy conditions, 5300’ elevation 32deg day, smog, huge xwind. Still got to go up in the all new Sling 4 TSi. What an amazing machine. Such a beautiful country, flew last Tuesday around Cape Town. Enjoy.
  11. BusaKaine

    AOPA and RAA

    So RAA want 750kg and then 1500kg, CTA, they say that self declared medical is unsafe for GA RPL PPL, so it’s unsafe for RAA to get the RPL level of weight and CTA. They need to ensure RAA does not get these increases as they are for GA and you need a medical for that....
  12. BusaKaine

    Tell us about your last flight

    What a sensational day. Got to fly in SA. Couldn't get to fly our filed plan due to a huge cloud base building up over the coast but still a great 1.1h. I highly recommend Cape Town Flight Training Centre. Kaine's Aerial Photo and Videography I rocked up a bit early as traffic can be super thick. When there the lovely owners were sitting down at the table and wanted me just to keep talking as she loves aussie accents. The instructor they got in for me is their advanced training (IFR and Flight test) instructor. We had a quick chat and then he was super happy as he doesn’t normally do trail flights and said since you can fly we would go do this awesome area over to Robben Island and through class C airspace through the Airforce base around Table Mountain and then down nice and low along the coast line around the naval base and back. A check of the notams showed that one area we wanted to visit was active with rocket launches... so we did a bit of a change of planned route and then we filed our flight plan (needed to be 30min before flight minimum), we then went out to do our walk around and inspection. There are special rules for some of the areas (see link) Local PPG around Fisantekraal Airfield and Durbanville area Other than that, the fight plan filing was not too bad, an online system. We called up with mobile on the ground to activate our flight plan and pick up our squawk code. Once out and flying the clouds were building up a lot more than predicted over the coast line, as we had planned to transition though the military airspace at 1500’ but cloud base over the coast was below 800’ and the base was active (we had 2 jets scream past us while we orbited) so they wouldn’t transition us that low. But a great experience, Fisantekraal is an old airforce base so there are multiple runways but it is poorly maintained.
  13. BusaKaine

    reverse parking

    Yeah reverse cameras and massive amounts of time and money.. Draco is an awesome looking machine.
  14. BusaKaine

    Tell us about your last flight

    It also depends on the beach, in QLD a lot of the beach’s come under the Parks, Sports and Rec: https://www.npsr.qld.gov.au/policies/pdf/op-pk-vm-landing-recreational-craft-qpws-managed-areas.pdf Aircraft and recreational craft landings to be authorised Aircraft and recreational craft may only land in: • protected areas (State land) authorised (except on a designated landing area) by a Permit to land aircraft or use recreational craft. • recreation areas authorised (where supported) by way of a written approval from the Chief Executive or the Queensland Recreation Areas Management Board respectively. • State forests and forest reserves authorised (where supported) by way of a permit under the Forestry Act 1959. Aircraft landings – general Due to potential issues and impacts, aircraft landings in QPWS managed areas are discouraged. Only in exceptional circumstances - and only where it is demonstrably in the public interest to do so - will landings be authorised. Landings may however be authorised at existing constructed aircraft landing areas that meet certain statutory requirements and other guidelines (see below) and are subject to appropriate maintenance programs.
  15. BusaKaine

    Help needed - Lets hold RAAus to account

    I don’t have someone who can attend of my behalf. I’ve sent you my form though.