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  1. Gday, Anyone keen on a seat from Bendigo or nearby to Temora for Warbirds downunder?
  2. Gday Fellas, Ryan from Melbourne (west), looking to get my RA-AUS licence, active broker in the industry fixed and rotary with charter work. Any Tecnams close to Melbourne?
  3. Gday Guys, Are there any CFI's / SI's around Melbourne who are looking to take up instructing commercially with a new school?
  4. Caroline Springs (West of Tullamarine)
  5. Gavin, wrote the aircraft off, but managed only a few broken bones
  6. Gday All, Ryan here, Melbourne local, been on/off with RAA for probably 5 years now, got a few hours in the aircraft and done the accident consultant course, might finish it next year, being i now have time! My day job, owner of Stratos Group, general aviation leasing company with a couple of Piper Chieftains.
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