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  1. NotSoSuperSonic

    Trying to get in touch with storchyneil

    Good news, StorchyNeil hasn't been paid a visit from "the Family" making him an offer he can't refuse. He's taking a break from the Forum, as understandably, dealing with some of the Morons who won't listen, takes it's toll, and he's had a gutfull. Cheers
  2. NotSoSuperSonic

    Trying to get in touch with storchyneil

    No worries BlurE. Was hoping others on here may even live closeby to Neil, or have acquaintances who do, and could check up on him. Cheers
  3. NotSoSuperSonic

    Trying to get in touch with storchyneil

    Did anyone have any luck getting in contact with Neil?
  4. NotSoSuperSonic

    Strategic plan?

    You Mob are being played for the Fools that you are. The aircraft in the Wentworth accident was an Aeropro Eurofox 3K. The Aircraft details area on the related ATSB page has the model recorded only as an Aeropro 3K 100hp. Although the RAAus aircraft database has it listed as Manufucturer: Euro Fox. Model: 3K 100hp. https://www.atsb.gov.au/publications/investigation_reports/2018/aair/ae-2018-072/ http://flysafe.raa.asn.au/admin/aircraft_database_registration.html What could be slightly disturbing to some people, is that RAAus hasn't really mentioned anything about the accident or offered simple condolences, but posted photos on Facebook, of an intact Eurofox from their recent staff training day.
  5. NotSoSuperSonic

    Accident and defect

    Yeah, I've been doing some research, and looking beyond the standard fare put out by RAAus, CASA and the ATSB. I think if you do some research, and keep your ears and eyes open, you'll find in reality the Recreational Aviation Australia has more of a hand in the investigation of a fatal crash, than just providing assistance to the police. The level of expertise and integrity of the information and advice they provide would also be questionable. That could also be applied to both CASA and the ATSB. Evidence does not have to be released to the general public, but should be correctly examined and leads followed up on. It's understandable that the above organisations would not be prepared to investigate things too deeply, with the risk of implicating themselves. The recent Coroners Report was quite good considering the constraints placed on the reports, but still leaves a number of questions unanswered. Also, there may be a number of reasons why it was a bit more thorough than usual. Cheers
  6. NotSoSuperSonic

    Accident and defect

    It's been raised all the way up to the RAAus CEO. The offer was put forward after a number of fatals, etc. in North Queensland that had links identified. It fell on deaf ears, and it's only a matter of time before some poor innocent sod will be fleeced of his cash, and branded with a cockpit dash. One fool has already got played on kit-build helicopter.
  7. NotSoSuperSonic

    Accident and defect

    That's pretty close to the mark. You'll find some of the Accident and Defect summaries are vague for a reason, investigations (including fatals) aren't followed through correctly, and critical information isn't being passed on to where it should be.
  8. NotSoSuperSonic

    Accident and defect

    That's similar to the recent accident out near Wentworth in which 2 young guys (20 and 22) lost the lives. There appears to be no mention of it or condolences from the RAAus "Family".
  9. NotSoSuperSonic

    Trying to get in touch with storchyneil

    Any luck with a response? Did he have any business contact details that may still work? Hopefully he's just having a break from the forum, and it's nothing serious.
  10. NotSoSuperSonic

    Small Flying Schools

  11. NotSoSuperSonic

    Small Flying Schools

    We'll have to wait and see if it's legit, or another bit of spin. It might only be for select flying schools.
  12. NotSoSuperSonic

    Small Flying Schools

    "One of the first wins Katie had was an agreement by the regulator that RAAus could develop an organisation wide SMS so that each of our schools did not have to go out and build their own. This was a massive success for RAAus. Straight away the new role was paying dividends. Many of our schools are run by a single person, or are relatively small operations. Having RAAus invest and develop an SMS on their behalf was a massive win. It also meant that the planned six month job, grew to be a whole lot bigger. Katie’s contract was extended and the real work of building an SMS started. Three and a half years on and Katie has all but put the finishing touches on the SMS". This was quoted from an article written by the RAAus CEO on page 14 of the August 2017 Sport Pilot magazine, thanking Katie for her work at RAAus. Did the SMS plan fall through, or was it always intended for each school to still need its own specific SMS? Cheers
  13. NotSoSuperSonic

    Small Flying Schools

    Could probably ask about it at the AGM.
  14. NotSoSuperSonic

    Old lightwing 912 info/history

    Have a look at the thread "Lightwing Models ?". Scroll down a bit on page 2 of this "Lightwing" folder/header/group of threads. It was started back in late 2011, and has old pics and some history on 19-3263. Doug Evans may be able to shed some light on further info. or who to contact, etc. Cheers
  15. NotSoSuperSonic

    Who to vote for RAAus election

    With his successful election, if anyone is yarning with Mr Bayley, can they let him know that the bloke from his FEB 18 Sport Pilot article, isn't a LAME, nor an Aircraft Engineer. He might want to have a polite word with Mr Barnfield and Mr Middleton as they could/should have corrected him. Cheers