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  1. “with this in mind, this year we need to ignore these self-contradicting comments and not allow ourselves to be distracted by the noise.” Would the above spiel from MM correspond to a slight form of "Gaslighting"? Are there any examples of the self-contradicting comments which can be posted here for review? RAAus management have put out a few in their day, and there's one from DiddyPilot that could be posted as an example. Cheers
  2. So did Tony figure out that he'd been working alongside some shonky characters?
  3. If you're on Facebook, have a look at the page "Aircraft Crashes of Northern Queensland 1942-1945". There's also a book by the same name, and they've got a few other books still in the works. These guys have done some amazing research on Australia's WW2 aviation history, helping families find out information about and what happened to their loved one's, along with getting memorials established at various crash sites across the north.
  4. There's a bloke by the name of Sarah Connor that'd outclass ol'Murgatroyd.
  5. It seemed like Tony was sent as a Sacrificial Lamb to front the RRAT Senate Committee, to protect the 2 x Micks and other board members. Hopefully Tony hasn’t had to cop on his own, the full brunt of any abuse or complaints, etc. that should be more so directed at the Micks, RAAus Ltd, and its consultants and associates.
  6. There needs to be proper criminal investigations into all 3 of the above organisations and their associates, otherwise aviation in Australia has no credibility, progress and innovation will be stifled, and the crims will continue to run the aviation industry only for their own and their mates gains/advantage. Innocent lives have already been lost, and with the range of information/evidence already available, if investigations are done correctly, you should be able to get some of these clowns serving jail time or at least out of the aviation industry. Cheers
  7. They reckon History never repeats itself, but a lot of the contents of this thread rings true today to some very similar events and characters in the current Recreational Aviation scene.
  8. Are you Mob sure the public release of the review of the RAAus Board is not a diversionary or misdirection type tactic? The action seems a bit too honest and transparent for RAAus, and doesn't match their standard 'Modus Operandi'. Cheers
  9. Not saying it's the case here, but there are some dodgy L2's and bogus LAME's getting about RAAus. It'd be good to have a look at the wing tip.
  10. Just read Bearded Micks? November and December editorials, plus a couple of other articles. There appears to be some lazy journalism in the magazine, as they copy and pasted a young fellas comment from an AOPA Australia Facebook page post, and claimed it as a "Letter to the Editor". In regards to the editorials and the like, it's known that there's a number of con-artists among the RAAus membership and management who would make ol'Baron Munchausen look pretty modest and honest, but do people blindly believe the tripe put out by the Executive/Management/Board members? Are RAAus members the intelligent, Well Educated Morons (iWEMs for short), they appear to be? It might end up being the case that Mick does a runner like the former Safety Officer and Tech Manager, to avoid facing any responsibilities and accountabilites.
  11. The families and friends who have lost loved ones, or caring for those with serious injuries might have something to say if they found out about the dodgy conduct of RAAus staff. And the public shouldn't be funding an organisation like the current RAAus.
  12. Fraud (including Corporate), Coverups, etc., etc...
  13. It'd be good to have a read of the Deed of Agreement. Might be best to check its last amendment date beforehand.