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  1. Malindi


    I sailed my canoe to Nomads yesterday for lunch. Maybe next time I will order that Whitecap (brand of beer) for you.
  2. Malindi


    What could you possibly miss about Kenya?
  3. Malindi


    Ha! Not sure about the 150 but Alan did my Permit to fly inspection on Saturday. He is retired (84 now) but offers his experience to Recreational Aircraft Association of Kenya. I would definitely give Gordon a call. He is very knowledgeable, a fantastic instructor and a top bloke. The foxbat is a good all round aircraft to learn on and he replaces with new every three years or so. I did my training with him in 2011 on trikes, they have their own strip with crosswind runway and they offer cheap accomodation on site. Karibu tena Kenya.
  4. Malindi


    Jambo from Kenya. There is sky sports flying school just out of York, so closer than Northam. They train with a foxbat and trikes. Highly recommended. CFI is Gordon Marshall 0419942645 Email is info@microlight.com.au Web is microlight.com.au Chris Kyne Diani Beach Kenya
  5. Malindi

    Beaches of Indian Ocean

    Could always take a look on the other side of the Indian Ocean. Diani Beach in Kenya has firm sand, no crocs and you could get away with parking in front of a seafood restaurant with someone to guard your aircraft while you have lunch. Easy on the wine though!
  6. Malindi


    Malindi would have been an amazing place back then. Its still nice but more developed now so pros and cons I guess. Here are a few photos of my local flying area. The first one, Diani Beach, I took yesterday, looking North towards the airfield (Ukunda). The second one (a couple of weeks ago) Chale Island 9 miles South of the airstrip. Third is dropping through a hole just to show the aircraft.
  7. Malindi


    Hi from Kenya. I live on the South coast of Kenya and fly a Quik GTR Explorer. Just having a look at the forum and saying hello. Chris