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  1. bunyips

    What`s Happening???

    Floats for the Drifter mate :) !!! I haven't been up for a while Franco... Busy with other interests... I will give you a ring next time I go up to Cairns and drop in for a Coffee...
  2. Nice work... Jut found an article on it. Australian team restoring Mawsons hut have appently found the airframe. The wings were originally left back in Australia during a Demonstration Flight in Adelaide and yes it was converted to a sled. But the Vickers motor had troubles in the temps so was sent back to England :)
  3. bunyips


    Drifter on Full Lotus floats............ Thats a thread I found from Maj, Franco.Also found a bit of info on floats for ultralights. Not cheap :) PRICES - Floats sets
  4. I think Bex had the right idea... I will chip in too send him there for a week :) ... Serious!!
  5. Hey Mate, I live in El Arish and met up with Franco in Deeral ... Top guy and great pilot. He no longer instructs though. Was a CFI until the recent past. He will be more than happy to take you up for a fly. It's his passion. Send him a message as he is quite an active person on the net :)
  6. bunyips


    Nice One Franco... Would like to join you in the near future for a Tablelands run... :)
  7. Have a look up the top mate...far right under the Rec Flying Logo ... Posts(14 days) . Should find what you need there. (i do use Apple so may be different) Cheers
  8. Hahaha... Franco.. I wrote to him last week... No reply but he liked a bunch of Skydiving and Aircraft pics on my Facebook page... ;) Hope you have better luck. My message was simple and direct :)
  9. I am now his friend on Facebook... Wrote him a short simple message for translate telling him to look at this site and possibly start a build thread. . Sounds like he is doing this all on his own in the article. Looking at the glorious bird he built we could be adding longevity to his life :) ... lol
  10. I could contact him on Facebook and direct him to this site. As long as people on here are happy to help him out. As I am sure we will. Set his own Thread up!!
  11. We could always set up a crowd funding show for him... Make his dreams come true :)
  12. Not interested myself ...thought I would post it in case it is a useful cheap motor .. Cheers :)