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  1. Time Left: 22 days and 29 minutes

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    Skyfox Gazelle All ADs are completed. Nil accidents. Complete books from new Recent new brake pads and wheel bearings all round. Also 3 brand new tyres and tubes available but (not fitted), current tyres are perfectly servicable, with front tyre only recently replaced Also complete set of Punkin Head covers, (as new) Wings fold back for easy storage / hangarage Complete 5 year Rotax rubber replacement completed August 2017 Brand new 3 blade Bolly propeller available (worth $2150), The original prop and spinner is still serviceable. Garmin 296 (colour screen) available, depending on final agreed price. David Clark headsets. Ipad (as new), with extra 2 years warranty for use with Oz Runways. Rotax 912 starts first time every time and she flies beautifully. An easy aircraft to learn to fly and land. Total time air-frame and engine 1780 hours Perfect aircraft for low or high time pilot. Selling due to new aircraft coming soon. Hangared at Cessnock NSW Full price $30,000 AUD, with everything included. Make an offer on this excellent aircraft. Contact Ron on 0408 261 314 or by email [email protected]

    30,000.00 AUD

    Cessnock - AU

  2. Hi 2tonne Do you still have the 6" tyres? Please text me on 0408261314 Cheers Ron
  3. Yes it is a Skyfox Gazelle and at 2-30 in the morning, that explains the bleary eyes. How many hours have you done in it? I have only had mine for 5 months and have only done 15 hours since I got it. Just completed my BFR in it a couple of weeks ago. Cheers Ron
  4. Hi Debra your plane looks a tad like mine. Cheers Ron
  5. I had a Sander Veenstra (SV11, pusher prop) and had the same problem. The handle and cord got sucked into prop with the same result. A big bang and I looked to the side watching the tips of the prop drop into the paddock below. The engine was switched off almost before the bang and I had to land in the paddock below which was home to a rather ugly looking bull. Only damage doe was the prop and pull start handle. The prop now hangs on the wall!
  6. Hi , The Jabiru /Rotec kit is for the 2200 . My phone no. 0427772694 Dave.
  7. Hi , The Jabiru /Rotec kit is for the 2200 . My phone no. 0427772694 Dave.
  8. Hi 3404 Just found this: Gazelle suspension leg for sale | Recreational Flying This is a part of suspension for a Gazelle
  9. Hi I have a set in the hangar at Cessnock. I just replaced them with a new set from Coastal Aviation. Call me on 0408 261 314 Cheers Ron
  10. Depending on the glue used in the construction, Resorcinol was commonly used in the 60's and 70's but its life could be somewhat suspect after 40+ years. I recently considered buying a Piel Emeraude (often called an Emerald, but incorrectly named), but it was also built in the 70's and a very experienced plane builder suggested that glue was probably getting to the end of its useful life. The one I flew performed very nicely. I hope it can be repaired and flying again
  11. Hi all Having recently bought a 701 and I am pretty close to fully restoring it, I am looking at installing the 12 VGs that were supplied to the previous owner from Zenit, but never fitted.. I have looked at the pages showing the location for installation.One of the photos shows the VGs neatly stacked with a tag on them stating 12. The clip-seal bag they came in says 16 but only 12 in the bag. Other photos show considerably more than 12 on the curved underside of the stabilator. Anyhow, I could not find anywhere that gave the spacings between them. I have taped them on at 6" intervals prior to riveting them in position and lined them at the point shown in the pictures. I am keen to hear from anyone with a working knowledge of them and what is the optimum number and/or spacing their benefit. Thanks Ron
  12. Thanks Marty Hopefully there are some slats out there! Cheers Ron
  13. Thanks Marty. So, if there are Savannah slats out there, I would be equally pleased to know. I am doing this restoration with the help of 2 good friends. The colour scheme is predominantly a cub yellow with the ailerons, rudder and elevator being an emerald green. Ah, the spinner will also be green. It took all of my school holidays to pull it apart and strip it completely. The engine and mount was removed to paint the firewall and a new bungee shock cord was fitted before re installing the Rotax. The fuselage is now in colour, as is the fin/rudder. The current heatwave conditions have brought the project to a standstill as far as painting is concerned. 2 pac paint does not like 40+C temperatures. So, other small jobs are being attended to before painting the wings and ailerons etc. A new cowl had to be made as the cooling was almost non-existent due to the original one having been severely altered. I don't have a date for first flight after this re-incarnation. However, hopefully not too long. Cheers Ron