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  1. I bought my aircraft without looking at it, and faired well with the deal. I didn't invest money I couldn't lose which helped. I wouldn't recommend doing what I did and there were issues that I didn't anticipate and cost me dollars I didn't expect to spend. Answering the original question. If it's RAA you will need a condition report from an L2 and complete the relevant paper with from RAA to transfer. You will have 3rd party insurance with RAA as we all do with our PCs but extra cover for your machine and 3rd party would be wise in the event you are unable to claim in the PICs 3rd party. The prices for RAA is simple. If you've bought VH I'm sorry my pockets aren't deep enough to have any experience there. Xy
  2. I'm 31 and started at 15 and with the help of the AAFC got some hours up. Got my PC 2015, bought a plane 2016 thinking I had bought a low end machine that would do for now... Wrong I had the most fun aircraft going a TST. The hangarage costs are a factor but I agree mostly that people choose to spend their money on other things. I'm in Johannesburg right now, though, and from my motel there was a flying school 5 minutes away that does the equivalent of the PC and two more within 30 minutes either way all within 30 mins of the CBD. It's how Aus should be.
  3. It's amassing how many people are on the phone when out to a meal or ed even just in company.... What are you doing on there? Saving the damn world?
  4. I would have said Thruster but both have the right configuration and I'm biased heavily.
  5. The problem is resolved. It was the starter. I run a B box so the starter is at the back. The sound never occured on the ground which made it hard to diagnose but I am lucky to have two of everything so subbing the parts out when suspected is the best way. I considered having someone else pilot it for me while I hung off the boom with the stethoscope but changed my mind. Thanks to everyone who commented... and Riley thanks for your kind offer... and loan of your starter, weather you know you've loaned it or not
  6. Hi all I fly a Thruster TST with a 582 Blue on it. It runs like a dream, climbs well and is as reliable as you could wish for. It has been making a tinny noise at 5800rpm in the air at 50 to 55 kias for the past 5 hrs. I have had second opinion that it is from the engine and have shaken the airframe frkm many different points to try to establish the noise. I have swapped the exhaust and springs, checked many torques and other bits and pieces. Just throw your suggestions at me so I can add to my list. I have another engine to put on but I dont want to be beaten here :-) Thanks Xy
  7. Hi Capillatus. I also fly a TST, how long have you had yours? I've had mine about 12 months, and in the air for 3 now, I'm enjoying the basic flying a great deal. I'm yet to experience carb icing in it but good of you to share. Xy
  8. Piglet


    To start the next chapter of the story 0112 is now living in WA after the long long journey to pick her up, about 8000km in total. A good time was had at Falcon Hawk where Jim showed me the way to handle a Thruster, an absolute delight indeed. With some luck we can get a shot of her next to your Gemini before long Riley.
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