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  1. wokbat1954


    Hi Al, The Wocket was my project back in 1992-94. The Morgan Sierra is my son Toby's aircraft. At the moment Toby resides in Germany and we can only work on the Sierra when he comes home for 1 month a year. He is a graphic designer so HE has designed the paint for Sierra and I dont know what is planned. Im sure it will be something very wild and unique, definitley not a copy of Dads little plane. He did the design for Tim Morgans Twister which does look pretty radical and soon there may be another Sierra with his design scheme. I cant wait to get our Sierra ready just to see what he has planned.
  2. Hi Ian. Sorry about the email address. It is my personal email address but I have problems with Optus. Everyone that sends me an email receives a Non-delivery notice for some reason. I do get all the emails but as it is bugging your system I have updated another address to this site. Hope it helps Warwick Bates
  3. wokbat1954


    Unfortunately MM2 I havent been able to get to it for quite some months. Life has just got in the way again. The latest AD about my control cables ( over 15 years old) has me searching for the morse cables necessary and I have been updating the Dash with a multi digital instrument pack. Nearly all done, but I havent flown away for over 5 years. Last time was the Moth fly-in at Mt Beauty ( when the Wocket was hangared at Mang). Add to that , I am presently building a Morgan Aeroworks Sierra with my Son Toby and we have finished the build almost ready for Engine and paint. As you can see, I dont have a lot of time at present but I really ha heyve to get back to my Max as it is the best little aircraft ever to fly. Maybe next weekend hey!!
  4. wokbat1954


    As you can see, its pretty compact with a short wheel base. I fly the aircraft onto the ground, over the fence at about 55 Kts, level out and wash off some speed. Land on the mains and then wait until the tail stalls and the tailwheel gently kisses mother earth and is controllable. BEWARE>>>> If you put the tail on the ground too quickly you have one fantastically expensive Go-Kart that WILL ground loop you as quick as look at you. After 20 Years I havent worked up the courage to be able to 3 point it. It stall at 28 MPH and I cant wait that long to get back to the ground.
  5. wokbat1954


    Hi Nev, I scratch built my 1600R over 20 years ago and it stills flys like a new aircraft today. Cost me about 14K back in 1994, everything new. My suspension as mentioned is ONly the tyres but with over 690 landings to date its only a matter of arriving gently. Sourcing all the timber and plywood was the test but I was very lucky. If you want to have a look send me a PM. Its now living at Lethbridge. Make sure you get the newest set of plans. I bought S/H ones and they changed the width a of the Fuse: 24"wide where mine is only 22"wide. But then Im only a little bloke anyway.
  6. wokbat1954

    Another james may aviation video..but different

    A Most enjoyable hour well spent. Many thanks
  7. wokbat1954

    Another Sierra on the way

    Welcome to the Club John. Ours is onhold at the moment with Toby in Germany for an unspecified time, but if you want any asistance r have any questions just let us know hereand if we can help we will. You will love it Im sure
  8. wokbat1954

    Sierra performance with Rotax 912S?

    The size of the tank is 95 litres. All glass construction. Top , bottom, two internal baffles and a metal screw top.
  9. wokbat1954

    Cheetah Strike

    Hey Keith, Progress is slow at the moment. Fuse is built and sheeted, currently working on the Fin / rudder. Wings are ready for covering up. Tailplane the same. Blg will be updatd as soon as possible but it looks like the 400 Hrs is a realistic figure provided you can organise yourself properly.
  10. wokbat1954

    Cheetah Strike part2

    Follow the yellow brick road Hello Chaps, Like my learned son says, just load up Firefox and away you go. I have had to alter a few things to get all my other sites working properly but the change from I.E was definitely worth it. If you dont, you might mss out on the tail feathers. Defintely a quick build kit, because it took me three weeks to get my wooden tailplane built for the Max and I reckon we will have the Sierras built within 1 week. Cheers Boys
  11. wokbat1954

    Cheetah Strike part2

    Hey there Flygirl. Dimensions on the bench are about spot on. The main reason our bench is 1.1Mtr wide is that I gotthe timber from my work after we removed soe shelving. Didnt realise it was not 1.2 wide until we put it together. Our Fuselage is exactly 1.1M wide (42") so it fits the bench with nothing to spare. When it come to the wing build, it may be a bit smll and thats where he 1.2M bench may come in handy. When we get to it, I think the slightly smaller size will help is in setting up the washout on the tips. We will have to wait and see, but will definitely let everyone know. How far along is your build, and , Is it a Sierra , Ceetah or something else? Cheers
  12. You have been busy son. Looks great
  13. wokbat1954

    Cheetah Strike part2

    OK guys, the Strike is a work in progress. if you wish to follow the build, we have a blog at www.bx2.com.au. It will be slow to start but anyone wanting to build this taildragger Sierra may find something of interest. Happy flying
  14. Hey Phildo, As I scratch-built mine some 14 years ago, I found it easy to get some supplies here in Oz. I was extremely lucky to find Brad Waldron in Castlemaine Vic, who was an artist in cutting the timbers from gigantic logs of Spruce ( and if you have seen the plans there is quite a lot of small cut timber in the wings). These days, I dont know what Brad is doing, so my suggestion would be the mini kits. I did purchase a couple from Wayne Ison when it was the TEAM Inc MiniMax, and they were very well produced and relatively easy to ft into my aircraft. I built from the 1100R plans set, but it was an older set of plans and the width of the fuselage was 22inches, where the newer models are 24 inches. I had to re-work the rear turtle deck just a little to get it to fit, but as you can see, it does and quite well. Still the best little aircraft I have ever flown and more than worth the 2 1/2 years build time. The ONLY problem I have ever had with this arcraft, is that on landing, those huge wings tend to blanket the rudder thus you can turn into a go-kart real quick, so we have to fly it onto the ground and hold the tail off the ground until it stalls. By this time the speed has washed off and the tailwheel allows decent steerage. Hope this helps some and if you need any help, just drop in a new quote here or contat me through the membrs messages. Cheers ( it is worth the build )
  15. wokbat1954

    Rotax 582 not starting when warm

    Hi Steve, I have had and am still having the same problem with my 447 SCDI. My Minimax is a taildragger aircraft and this problem has been happening for the past 6 months. Like all idiots ( Auto electrician / motor mechanic background) I immediately went to look for the most unlikely reasons and pulled my manifolds off , Carby apart, changed the plugs and it still happened. I call myself an idiot because the engine has just been totally pulled down and rebuilt after 150 hrs. All I needed to do was the normal ispection and re-tighten the manifolds after running for 10 hours. The problem I think I have found is that when the engine stops, the pressure from the pneumatic fuel pump allows some fuel to sit on the rear plug and when you try to re-start, that plug fouls up. If I hand prop the engine I dont get enough sprk to get it running. Removing the plugs, blowing with compressed air and re-fitting the plugs gets it going every time, although at first very rich, like the choke is on. It takes some 20 secs to start to idle normally. The other thing I have found is that the Plug connectors are NKG resistor type right angles. In conjunction wit the resistor Plugs NKG BPR-8ES may provide too much resistance for the coil to overcome on start cranking. Hope this may be helpful for you and others Waz