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  1. Chillfox

    Who to vote for RAAus election

    It's pretty clear that we got ripped off on that one (a full-time senior developer would cost us less than half). But at least we got ripped off by professionals and the website is solid.
  2. Chillfox

    Aviation ID data hack

    You don't. Basically, this sort of thing is going to keep happening until the public realises that it is almost entirely avoidable and demands that we regulate professional standards for the IT industry. (I am a systems administrator)
  3. Chillfox

    How do you buy an airplane?

    Are the condition report and the LAME inspection the same thing?
  4. Chillfox


    I am currently learning in a Fly Synthesis Storch. Once I have gotten my pilot cert I will probably buy a used whatever I can afford. If my husband is not too scared to fly with me then I will look for a two-seat high wing with doors I think. And if he is, then oh well, something without doors, preferably a biplane. Sure, I have been wanting to learn to fly for quite a while, but it has taken some time to have to money. I am a Linux systems administrator (Redhat to be exact) and my hobbies can best be summed up as "learn everything". I do P&P roleplay, I have played too many different systems to mention them all, but my favourite at the moment is probably Malifaux Through the Breach. My favourite board game is Viticulture (with the expansions). I have played various miniature games, but don't currently play any. My favourite computer game at the moment is Stellaris. I like photography, you can see my photos on my website: Mia and there are some more on Pixoto: Mia Iversen (I won a camera from a magazine for the red dragonfly one). I like programming and my team won an award sponsored by the City of Darwin at last years govhack. Our team was called freelunch.tech (we were mostly there for the free pizza). I grew up on a catamaran sailing around the world (or most of the way anyways.)
  5. Chillfox


    I fly at Batchelor.
  6. Chillfox


    I created this account last year and started learning to fly this year in January, so I thought it was probably about time that I said hello. So... Hello everyone.
  7. Chillfox

    How old are you?

    30, and currently a student. TIF was in January. I first wanted to learn to fly when I was 19, but my parents were scared so I didn't. Since then I have mostly been unable to afford it (due to the damn house prices) until this year.