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  1. Bryon

    Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?

    M61A1 The Hurricane....ugly.....How dare you In terms of functionality at the time, it was the most beautiful plane ever, ask any pilot who flew them Just sayin.....no offense intended
  2. Bryon

    Lower your MTOW

    I have found that one of the biggest hurdles to successful weight loss is usually mindset For example: every time I get the urge to exercise, I lay down and wait until the urge passes This is when I realised that weight loss is detrimental to your mental health So now I dont get stressed over weight loss and I am happy
  3. Bryon

    Marty d's CH-701 build log

    Dont get too pumped about it, it could leave you a bit flat
  4. Bryon

    My new book ...

    Dick did.
  5. Bryon

    My new book ...

    Did you employ a ghost writer?
  6. Bryon

    Jab down, Bundaberg

    Before CASA was involved, I was at Temora and had the opportunity to talk to Rod Stiff. I asked him why I was having overheating problems in my Jab 230 He asked me where the plane was based and I said Tooradin in Victoria, and he said " Thats your problem, the engines are tuned for Bundaberg weather, not Victorian weather" My reaction was WTF!!!! That was when I decided to change aircraft
  7. Bryon

    Airfield thieves strike again.

    Oh Dave, dont you know that you just gave him more ammunition to use against us Ozzies PS Hey Phil, when I come over again, can we go to the pub for a pint????? EDIT, I like a pint of bitter, preferably a local brew
  8. Thats a cheeky photo PS. love the nail polish colour
  9. I was at Wanaka and saw the aftermath, not the actual collision, but..... I saw the approach and landing of both Yak 3s and they did break formation and come in one behind the other but slightly apart so as to use all the grass runway width and leave room for each other. My immediate reaction after seeing the results (5 minutes after the event) was to ask the question "Who parked a bloody cherry picker on the edge of the runway?" I can understand the need for good video of the comings and goings, but shirley someone would have seen the possibility of the danger that this presented My second thought was about a Ferris wheel in Australia Cheers Bryon
  10. Bryon

    Old dogs and new tricks

    Congratulations Dave, Welcome to the club Only those that look to the sky and wish they were up there can ever know the real freedom of flight Now the bad news....you still have a heap to learn, so happy learning and enjoy yourself Cheers Bryon
  11. I used to be an aviation radio apprentice with AWA at Essendon in the mid sixties. I would hitch a ride in the jump seat of a Brain and Brown DC3 across to Launceston on a Friday night and catch the POT back on Sunday night It cost me a slab of beer for the ride in the jump seat but I got to fly the plane once we were out over the water Good times.....
  12. Bryon

    flight in a WW2 warbird?

    Engine time, actually just over 20 minutes flying including 3 victory rolls and flight over the Thames valley at Dartford Dual control with me PIC for most of the flight
  13. Bryon

    flight in a WW2 warbird?

    $5300 Aud for 1/2 an hour in Spitfire Mk T9 out of Biggin Hill UK
  14. Bryon

    CASA's Worst Nightmare

    I reckon that the tide of inane puns on this thread has reached the low water mark