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  1. Dont let them poms out in the midday sun.....see what it does to them
  2. Ian, Wasn't that the start of the "Never Ending Story"
  3. Bryon


  4. I was fortunate enough to have a ride in the tail turret for a full four engine run up taxi in Just Jane The pilot was an ex WW11 lancaster pilot and gave all of us a full tour of the aircraft and commentary All I can say is....thank god I wasnt in it during war time The only crew who had any chance of getting out of it in a hurry in an emergency were the mid upper and the bombaimer Apart from those details, it was absolutely fantastic The tail bounces a foot off the ground during the runup even with the pilot holding full up elevator to keep it on the ground
  5. Do you mean the Equine-ox..........
  6. Writing puns is a cinch, but a few here are just horse s#%t
  7. We will have to rein this argument in if we want to get to the finishing post
  8. If that is the case, I had better hoof it off to somewhere else Watch out for the tail winds
  9. Just one other thing to note is the footprints in the mud/sand The length of the stride is for a normal size person ( I assume) If it is a normal size person, then the Hawk (and its occupants) must be about 1/4 scale
  10. M61A1 The Hurricane....ugly.....How dare you In terms of functionality at the time, it was the most beautiful plane ever, ask any pilot who flew them Just sayin.....no offense intended
  11. I have found that one of the biggest hurdles to successful weight loss is usually mindset For example: every time I get the urge to exercise, I lay down and wait until the urge passes This is when I realised that weight loss is detrimental to your mental health So now I dont get stressed over weight loss and I am happy
  12. Dont get too pumped about it, it could leave you a bit flat
  13. Before CASA was involved, I was at Temora and had the opportunity to talk to Rod Stiff. I asked him why I was having overheating problems in my Jab 230 He asked me where the plane was based and I said Tooradin in Victoria, and he said " Thats your problem, the engines are tuned for Bundaberg weather, not Victorian weather" My reaction was WTF!!!! That was when I decided to change aircraft
  14. Oh Dave, dont you know that you just gave him more ammunition to use against us Ozzies PS Hey Phil, when I come over again, can we go to the pub for a pint????? EDIT, I like a pint of bitter, preferably a local brew
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