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  1. Time Left: 20 days and 16 hours

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    Hangar Spring Cleaning Time! Up for grabs is a brand new Andair FS20 Type 4 Valve with 3x HF20-312 5/16" Hose fittings. Was going to use it on a Savannah retrofit project, but never happened. Want to now more: http://www.andair.co.uk/product/fuel-selector-fs20x4/ or https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/eppages/fs20tYPE4.php What you get: 1 x Fuel Valve 3 x HF20-312 fittings Currently retail at over AUD$450 (Valve only, ex freight from US and GST)!!


    Lismore, New South Wales - AU

  2. Howdy All, I have recently done a service on a Pipistrel Virus. In its 5 year rubber kit was a fuel line called Ariete (purple, double walled, unleaded petrol). A bit of research showed this: The inner clear pipe is covered with a purple outer tube which protects from high engine temperatures, mechanical stress and is shrink proof. Highly durable and flexible with a translucent inner to enable you to see dirty fuel through the pipe. I also believe I read somewhere that the inner hose was silicon, but I can't find the reference anymore. Check out this URL for the different types available : https://www.ariete.com/sites/default/files/prodotti/download/Scheda unica Full pipe.pdf Another consideration is that the best price I could get was $13.50/m. So not necessarily the best priced product, but I have been pleased with it so far.
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  4. Morning All, I find this a very fascinating topic for a number of reasons, but primarily because I have been involved in the aviation industry since 1990. My personal biased perception is that the industry has been in a contiguous decline. I agree that the aviation medical situation is not rational, in particular when you look at risk mitigation vs. money spend as it is well know that there is a certain point at which you could spend the whole countries GDP and would not see any improvement. So let me be clear before I continue: I agree with the proposed changes and by default pilots taking responsibility to ensure they are fit to fly (as quoted above 99% of us do..). BUT: Are aviation fuel used, new aircraft registrations, registration cancellations and pilot numbers an appropriate representation that the medical process is the 'primary factor'? What about ASIC's? What about second hand experimental aircraft maintenance? What about design modifications that would improve safety? What about fee's and charges? The list is long and distinguished.... This is the 'fresh of the press' line graph for personal savings in Australia. I cant help but notice that there is a matching declining trend slope to the pilot numbers presented above. Could it be that people simply can't afford the high fuel prices and consumption of GA aircraft? If that is coupled with a draconian aviation administration (who IMHO are in no way encouraging any progress in aviation), they it's easy to jump to the conclusion that people change hobbies and only the hard core will remain. Maybe it would be a good idea, in order to proof the impact of AVMED, comparing the charts to other common economic or industrial indicators? I am thankful that AOPA has taken this step. Please keep it up!
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