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  1. But what happened to the folder names? Is the AUS/NZ stuff all just been merged in now? I have been away and just jumped back in and not sure what the go is. Thanks J
  2. BirdDog

    Gympie ERSA changes (Aug 16 2018)

    WOW! Unbelievable!! My home AD is owned by the council, and it's a great little AD. What a shame for Gympie.
  3. BirdDog

    Another new member from Australia

    Hi Clint. I am on the Southern Tablelands of NSW, and always looking for somewhere to drop into. Give us some more info mate. :) Cheers John
  4. It's funny you say that Nev. I tend to leave my trim alone completely during take off and landing. I only trim out during level flight. I just never felt comfortable trimming on final and having a somewhat "sloppy" stick. I like to feel that I have back pressure etc - does that make sense? Plus I don't ever want to get into a situation where I am forced to put forward pressure on the stick because I have over trimmed it etc. Some pilots say I am mad, some say they do the same thing - but it works for me.
  5. BirdDog

    My daughter's surgery

    Thank goodness she is on the mend and it went well. All the best mate.
  6. BirdDog

    New Video using Drone Typhoon Q500+

    Wow! Fair call. That said, my rego for my bird is not what I would call expensive. In fact, it costs me more to register my car than it does my plane, and the licensing and rego structure here means I also benefit from included insurance, so I am happy to pay it. :) I trained up to be able to do my own maintenance legally etc, so that also keeps the costs down. I am happy with where we are at for that side of things. I know some are not, but you can't please everyone right. ;)
  7. BirdDog

    New Video using Drone Typhoon Q500+

    LOL! So is your bird unregistered?
  8. BirdDog

    New Video using Drone Typhoon Q500+

    OMG!!!! That must have taken some serious self control old mate. You are better than me!! I might have accidentally tripped and used his face to break my fall! ;)
  9. BirdDog

    New Video using Drone Typhoon Q500+

    AHAHAH! Yeah man. I started in 2006 custom building drones etc, and then in 2014 I gained certification from Civil Aviation Safety Authority to open the first Multirotor RPAS Training School in Australia. It was a very different world back then, and wow, how times have changed. Looking at the video, and not knowing exactly what the Typhoon will do if it loses track, I would say it did just that. It lost you, and was trying to sort itself out. It's strange, as I would have thought if it lost track it would simply stop and hold. But maybe it continues on its way??
  10. BirdDog

    New Video using Drone Typhoon Q500+

    :) Awesome!! :) Lucky you are in US, the drone laws down here may prevent you from doing some of those videos! Glad you go the drone back, and yeah, drone Vs tree, doesn't often end well. I have been building drones commercially now for over 13 years, and the tech that is now available is amazing! I hate to think where we will be in the next 5 years.
  11. BirdDog

    New Video using Drone Typhoon Q500+

    Thats a cool video man! :) Very entertaining!
  12. BirdDog

    Glide approach as standard practice

    Yep. I witnessed a classic example of where it could all go bad. I was at the Airfield and when I am prepping etc, I turn my hand held on and listen to the radio while I am getting ready. Now I knew there was a bird in the circuit because I watched him go up and I could hear him. Now he assumed as there was nobody else around, he wouldn't bother making calls while he bashed a few circuits. Then.... I heard the distinct sound of a 2nd aircraft. He, probably thought, because he could not hear any calls, there was nobody around, so he just blasted right over the AD (and through the circuit). When the other guy came down, he was furious the 2nd guy didn't make an inbound call, to which I stated, "if you were calling your corners, I bet he would have" Both assumed as there was silence, there was nobody else around. It is dangerous to assume.
  13. BirdDog

    Glide approach as standard practice

    It still surprises me at the lack of radio calls by some pilots. I just don't get it.
  14. Yeah - Did you notice plastic props and the machine was stopped before the bird sat on it. Now imagine a machine with Carbon and it does not stop. 1 damaged eagle - Guaranteed!