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  1. BirdDog


    Thanks guys, keep them coming! We are forever students.
  2. BirdDog


    So, I thought I would start this thread as a way of maybe educating other pilots of experiences that could have turned out really bad, or maybe you got yourself into a situation you would have rather you didn't and would like to share. I will start.... So it was an almost perfect afternoon, and a friend had a day off work to come flying. I was 50 hours in, so still wet behind the ears, and as my instructor said, experienced enough to get into trouble. We arrived at the airfield under sunny skies, but the wind was up a bit more than I was comfortable with - and that should have been the end of it. But we had driven over an hour, and it was his only day off in a while, so I pulled the bird out of the hanger, and prepped her for flight. I won't go into the nitty gritty, but while we were up in our hour long flight, the wind worsened, and shifted to be basically crosswind. Long and short of it, I took 5 go arounds to get the aircraft down, and although my buddy was having a good time of, I certainly was not. This was a while ago now, and I am into my 100 hours, but it taught me a valuable lesson. Don't push my luck. I should never have taken off in the first place, and I should have listened to my gut instinct telling me the same. If it does not feel right, then it isn't. I love the mantra of my instructor now.... If there is doubt, then there is no doubt. 🙂 Anyways... thats one of mine... Care to share?
  3. BirdDog

    Avoiding the Base-to-Final Stall/Spin

    Interesting how we all do things slightly different. I was taught to drop power to idle right at the downwind/base turn. Maintain 70 (in my bird anyway) all the way through the downwind/base turn. Depending on height etc, deploy a stage of flap either on base, or on final, right after the base/final turn. I was taught to again maintain 70 (again in my bird) right the way through the base/final turn (way above stall speed) . It was hammered into me as the most important turn of the circuit. Then once on final, maintain 60 and deploy flap or side slip if the height is wrong. Worse case, go around. Was also taught to lower the nose right before flap deployment. Have practiced the crap out of 3 stage flap with side slip, and she can get down pretty bloody fast! Lastly, was taught to "never chase final" In other words, if I overshoot the base/final turn, don't chase to get back on centre line. If it's too bad, go around.
  4. Hi FS. My bird is out at Coota and next time I am out there I will ask around for you. It's a really nice AD with fuel, and well maintained strips. I should be out there this week or next week and will see what i can find out for you. Cheers J
  5. BirdDog

    Guess The Airstrip

    That's a nice strip!!!
  6. BirdDog

    Cootamundra to Murray Bridge

    Hmm... That's not a bad trip option actually. I have planned to keep me out of Sunset County and the Big Desert, and going up around Wentworth does both. Thanks man, I will look into this more. Cheers J
  7. I have shipped many items from many countries that have both weighed heaps, and also valued high. There are 2 ways. You do all the work (and save some money) But you need to know what you are doing - or get a freight forwarder to do it. You do nothing, but it will cost you more. Anything coming by sea, will have a bunch of fees added. It's unavoidable, no matter who ships it. If you ship it by air, it will most likely cost you more, but it's the easiest way. My last big shipment was my new Prop from Woodcomp in a decent sized timber crate. It came by air. Customs had a real good look at it etc, but after paying the GST etc, it was released and delivered to my door. My advice - if you have never shipped anything by sea, get some assistance - or you might end up with a rude shock at the end of it. If you can get it shipped by someone like Fedex, or TNT Global, they will charge you a fee for door to door service. They will contact you for an Duty and Tax at the border, then once paid with a credit card, it will turn up on your doorstep. Cheers J
  8. Hey All, So I have painstakingly planned a trip for this coming Saturday that will take me from Cootamundra (YCTM) through Hay, Balranald etc, across to SA and Murray Bridge. (YMBD) Anyone done this trip before? See attached. Not much bloody fuel options out that way, and this will be the longest solo trip I have done to date! Scary, and exciting at the same time! LOL!
  9. Two people have been taken to hospital after a light aircraft crash in the state’s far west. About 8.30am (Monday 19 November 2018), emergency services were called to Tandou Road, Menindee, after reports a light aircraft crashed. https://www.facebook.com/218519706184/posts/10156348719106185/
  10. BirdDog

    Why no Radio Calls?

    Agreed 100% I was surprised when I learnt that RAA pilot does not have to hold an AROC!
  11. BirdDog

    Why no Radio Calls?

    Yeah man, Mine was more the point that the RAA radio endorsement is only for RAA operations. RPL pilots also have to go through radio endorsement, but not PPL and above.
  12. BirdDog

    Why no Radio Calls?

    Ahaha. Ok mate no problem. You do it your way brother. All good here.
  13. BirdDog

    Why no Radio Calls?

    Derek, My understanding is if not RAA, then you will need an AROC at minimum to use a radio. I am an AROC instructor and I still personally think it’s just stupid not to make a 6 second radio call to let whomever might be there know you are there. I just don’t get why anyone would want to sit in an ivory castle and stamp their feet like a spoilt child complaining about making calls. Simply ridiculous!!
  14. BirdDog

    Why no Radio Calls?

    Well, I have seen it first at my local field where two planes above the airfield didn't hear another call, so they didn't bother calling, it ended up WAY To close for comfort. We can all hide behind words on a page, but my humble opinion - a radio call is better than no radio call in any situation. But that's just me!