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  1. Hi, I'm on a constant search for a Sapphire MkII and was wondering if you had any information or leads so that I might acquire one. I'm new to this forum, and see that you list a friend in 2007. I'm very sorry to hear that. Do you still fly or have a Sapphire? Thank you, Jon
    1. Jon Lamont

      Jon Lamont

      "... lost a friend", not list a friend.
  2. Hi Frank, Right now I don't have anything to fly. But I've flown a Cessna 172R, a Piper Lancer, and a Cessna T210N. I'd love to get my hands on a late-model Sapphire MkII, but if I can't, I'll have to build one similar, but wider, longer, and a bit more comfortable (based on the looks from the photos I've collected.
  3. Thanks Tony! Oy oy oy! Isn't that what they say in the land down undda?
  4. Hi Frank, I don't fly right now, but a Cessna 172R and a T210N in the past. I'm dying to get my hands on a Sapphire MkII though, or build one similar, but wider, a little longer and a bit more comfortable.
  5. Hi everybody, I've been trying to acquire some kit plans, or some type of build/design instructions for the Sapphire MkII. I am more than happy to pay for copies and postage if anyone can assist me. This is a very recent thread and you guys seem to be a hot lead to my long search. I'm on Facebook, and you are welcome to message me there, or here, or by phone text. Thank you, Jon Lamont
  6. Hi there! I've just landed here and I'm looking for people to share this passion with.
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