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  1. I’ve done my conversion to Ga and CASA have sent me a license. I understand that I have to do a flight review / test before I can exert the privilege, chas anyone done this and can tell me what’s involved?
  2. iSteve

    Morgan Cheetah - engine options?

    Sierra Two Seater | Wedgetail Aircraft Pty Ltd
  3. iSteve

    Morgan Cheetah - engine options?

    That was an option
  4. iSteve

    AOPA and RAAus in Dispute over Slogan

    What a Waste of Time and Money
  5. iSteve

    Morgan aeroworks cheetah sierra 100

    Here's a YouTube clip of my Cheetah Landing,with about 45Ltr of fuel
  6. iSteve

    Checking off in 19 reg

    As he stated, he has completed his pilot certificate and would like an instructor to check off / familiarize with his own aircraft
  7. iSteve

    Checking off in 19 reg

    Exactly! So I don’t have my passenger endorsement yet so I’m looking for an instructor
  8. So I’ve just completed my pilot certificate and the instructors won’t check me off in my 19 built Plane. I’m based in Tyabb Vic. Are there any instructors out there that will check me off in my Morgan Cheetah?
  9. First Solo today!!!! Whhhhhooooooooo Hoooooooooooo!
  10. iSteve

    How many hours can one safely train per day.

    Ive been doing 2 per day, Morning and afternoon this week, button had 3 yesterday and on the 3rd I went backwards.
  11. Screenshots had to resize
  12. AHRS won't run as the secondary app but OZ Runways will in both landscape and portrait mode. Which is a shame because you need the interactivity of OZ Runways
  13. I have a 10.5" iPod pro what app do you want to use with Oz Runway and ill test it