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  1. Hi Young G-Hopper---Don't look at this site much, Yes u have the right info . They are very docile in most aspects and can be put into steepish turns if u have ample height .It is just something to be aware of . Give me a ring on 0428996189 Rob
  2. Hi Mate Re Gazelle Will let you know in a few days Cheers Rob
  3. Thanks Mate If it is the one with he pic of instruments it sold 2 weeks ago. Buggar
  4. Hi All Does anyone out there have or know of a Skyfox Gazell which could be for sale. Will pay good price for the right article
  5. Ok Good idea. Forgot i also had a Stingray By Ray Tolhurst which was basically a Grasshopper copy except for cantliver wings and other small changes I think they were sort of partners for a while . I have seen one of these looped. Never quite had the gutz to attempt it myself even though i was mid 20's and bomb proof then. Did not do a lot of time in this machine As per another comment [and i am talking Grasshopper here] in this thread re returning to level flight from a steepish turn YES... it can be verrrrrry verrrrry hard to pick up that wing ,You need to apply full aileron ,lots of opposite rudder ,nose down and fullpower .You need to ensure you have ample air under your bum and DO NOT steep bank downwind or you may hit the windscreen like a grasshpopper I think it was the result of excessive aileron drag when in the up position. If u look at the aileron underside- front, in the up possy, you can see how the airflow could possibly cause this If you have a Robin Engine PLEASE safety tie the big rubber start chord . It will markedly unbalance your prop if the return spring fails. Check your Cof G if you are a skinny buggar .I had weights tied in the nose . They are tail heavy Be verry carefull of the control cables running under the seat to the elevator especially around the pullys and indeed all cables They chafe and/ or can be frayed internaly out of sight. They are quite unmanageable with a broken elevator cable. Re the Jackeroo Please check/Replace the bolts that the rudder pivots on. I had one of these break .The rudder locked on full lock to RH side I could hold her level with full aileron in a tight circut luckily. Interesting landing though . I probably prefered the Jackeroo because of mainly it,s STOL capibilities. With a good headwind you could trot faster and always won the spot landings and flour bomming at fly ins .They can also be safetly landed through large wirlly winds Unintentional [ Do not try it at home] If i think of other issues i will post Happy to answer any questions :-]
  6. G-Day again Y G-hopper Be carefull in a steepish turn As noted in this forum they are difficult to return to level flight after a steepish turn I found that full ailreon+ liberal application of opposite rudder +power and nose down a tad to get air over your rudder worked. Of course you require ample air under your bum to do this Please safety tie the rubber pullstart chord if you have the Robbin engine It will unbalance the prop markedly if the return spring fails
  7. Hi Y Grasshopper Just joined forum caus i have owned both a Grasshopper and Jackeroo I flew many hundreds of hours in both in the mid 80's in western qld . Can tell you a lot about density altitude/ wirlly winds etc . Not sure how to contact you privatly . I Don't do Facetubetwitterbook
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