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  1. They really are strong little planes Martin! I agree Mike, I would not like to fly it without a canopy, I was told the airflow over the tail becomes so disturbed that controlling the plane, and preventing a spin, becomes a mayor problem. I know of a KR that spun in from 8000' after loosing the canopy, the pilot was injured but survived! I think I will make sure my canopy stays on in the future...... BTW, I love the Sonorias and I am busy negotiating a deal on one (2L) at the moment! Regards, Rudi
  2. Hi Martin! Great news that you are fixing the KR2! Yes, even small jobs can take a lot of time, especially when you have to wait for bits like canopies. I was fortunate that the damage to my plane was minor, it could have been a LOT worse. Yes, I did walk away with no more than a few scratches! Flew again (another plane), less than an hour later..... Here is a full account of what happened with photos: http://rudix.zxq.net/ZS-VYZ/Stories/oops.htm Hope your KR will be flying again soon! Cheers, Rudi
  3. Thanks! It does depend on the plane, and the men! Many planes are a bit wider than normal depending on the builder. Also depends on the size of the men. VYZ would fit 2 x normal men without a problem but CGR is narrower, I think standard width. So fit before you buy else build to your own spec.
  4. Hi everyone! I thought I should show my babies here. Here is ZS-VYZ, a real hot-rod with a highly modified 2.4L engine remotely based on a VW. It has an inter-cooled turbo charger and fuel injection. The tail is a bit stretched and the cockpit is wider than normal. She currently holds the South African speed record over a 500km track for aircraft under 600kg. Here is ZU-CGR, she is fun to fly with the tricycle landing gear. She is powered by a water-cooled 2.1 VW engine with turbo charger and fuel injection (direct). And lastly we have ZU-AMV, as yet incomplete. She will be powered by a Jabiru 3300A engine or a Subary 2.5L, time will tell. This KR2 is very close to KR2S spec with a longer/larger tail and a few other mods. Fly safe, Rudi
  5. Only really happy when I am around aircraft!
  6. Rocketdriver, I know this happened more than a year ago but I just came across it. Sorry for your loss but glad you are ok! Did you sell or fix your baby? I know how you feel having "dinged" a KR2 as well........ Fly safe, Rudi
  7. No, you won't be happy if you want speed, the AF will be substantially slower than your current 300D. Go for a 550D/60D/7D/1DmkIV depending on your budget and you won't be sorry!
  8. C-140 ZU-ECP seen at Kittyhawk in Pretoria, South Africa, open day. Fly safe, Rudi
  9. Helicycle Turbine powered Helicycle ZU-EEA taking of from Rhino Park in South Africa.
  10. Tiger Moth ZS-OSS landing at the African Bush Pilots Fly-in.
  11. Hiding from the summer sun. Hiding from the harsh African summer sun at the 2010 African Bush Pilot's Fly-in under the wing of Savannah ZU-EJS, seemed to be a popular spot!
  12. Crossing the Drakensberg Crossing the Drakensberg in South Africa on a dawn patrol flight in Bushbaby ZU-BSE. Flying along the Drakensberg in South Africa in Bushbaby ZU-BSE
  13. Thanks Skydog. Yes, I agree, for me this is what flying is all about, I am always looking for a new adventure, when I look at a map every unknown place calls me! With the holidays ahead I am planning a nice trip, time to do a bit of coastal flying. Fly safe, Rudi
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