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  1. hangdoc


  2. Yep totally agree they are not fit for purpose but trying 2 new units of the same manufacturer will be no difference, reason I say this is because the Australian Aeroprakt dealer sees the same issue there and "fixes" with chokes. Strobes from a different manufacturer probably would fix the problem but I bet would not be a direct fit to the existing tip fittings. Cheers PB
  3. So with a bit of time under my belt it appears the fix I used is only a partial fix. When the engine rpm is higher (5000 and above) the strobe noise clips through the squelch on the radio. Is also clips in at a higher freq (our chat channel, 133.375) regardless of the engine speed. Any bright ideas short of different make of strobe (that would be a bit of a hassle to change the wingtip mounting holes etc)? I thought maybe replacing the unshielded cable with quality shielded stuff next. PB
  4. If you have an A22, likely your brakes rattle when taxiing. You can either squeeze a bit of brake on when on the move or use the cheapest of all mods to stop the rattle that I have done as pictured below. Only takes 4 cable ties :-) PB
  5. The light noise appears fixed. I fitted VHF chokes (from MGL) very close to the light itself with the wires looped through the choke. Cheap clip on chokes only did half the job. The MGL ones are VHF type and work really well. I know if only masks the problem but in reality, replacing the lights with ones that don't interfere/generate RF would require some work to the fibreglass tip to fit, just not worth it in my opinion. I will post some pics because I am sure there will be other Foxbat owners with the Aeroprakt LED lights fitted that will be getting noise. I had to cut the cable to thread through the choke and re-solder with heatshrink cover after. From the MGL website there looks to be a clip on version now that costs a bit more which would be a better option than cutting the wires. There may also be other chokes that work well too but I don't know for sure. I tried out my fix today and there really wasn't any noise at all, even weak radio signals had no overlying clicking or static noise from the lights. Hope this helps someone else. Cheers PB
  6. have heard that at least one other foxbat in australia has the issue as they advised nz agent re. the chokes. have done some searching and seems LED lights can be noisey things (the boaties have issues) and other aircraft have it too (other forums). ultimately it may require replacements that have properly shielded circuitry and shielded wires (the ones running to the strobes are not shielded). will wait and see the result of the chokes....
  7. radio installed by the nz agent on arrival, wiring etc inspected by professional avionics expert and he concluded that the interference is getting in by the aerial not the wiring, suppressing it is proving a challenge. avionics dude recommended trying different brand lights but agent (understandably, cost wise), wants to try a fix, i just want them working correctly asap
  8. No, they are the lights that came with the plane from new, now 23 hrs old.
  9. Hell yeah I have been talking to the agent, reckon he is getting sick of me. The ferrite chokes are being sent by him for me to try. I don't think they will fix it (but will try them of course). Doesn't sound like there are many foxbat owners experiencing this problem.
  10. They are "no brand", made in the Ukraine. Maybe aeroprakt themselves make them. PB
  11. Hi My new Foxbat A22LS has LED wingtip combined nav/strobe lights. They interfere badly with radio to the point it can't be squelched and they are effectively unusable. It has been inspected by a professional avionics person and he concluded there was direct interference from the light units via the radio aerial, not through the wiring etc. I am waiting RF chokes to clamp on the cables near the light unit, ones I have tried which are not VHF specific have made no difference. What is interesting is - one wing (the right) generates all the nav light interference when mounted on the right wing tip but generates strobe interference when mounted (upside down now) on the left wing and the left wing light does the same but opposite pattern. To me, that means the circuit boards themselves are probably generating the RF interference and some degree of internal (but incomplete) shielding is at work but then not so if the light is flipped. Probably has a direct line of sight to the antenna in the middle of the fuselage between the wings. Any other Foxbat owners have this problem with the new LED lights? If so, did you solve it and how? PB
  12. May be three now but when I ordered in July 17 was told 6-8 months, hit them at a bad/busy time. Guess it speaks to the popularity of them though.
  13. Hi APen... I had much the same dilemma and ended up ordering a foxbat which hopefully arrives soon. I have a mate who flies a Foxbat, often times with a group of Savannahs. They have kitted their planes out with big tyres for river bed landings and he reckons the Foxbat & Savannah have similar performance, maybe a little speed advantage with the Foxbat. The Foxbat cabin width was part of the decision maker for me. If I had gone for the Sav I would have built it myself and my spouse was pretty anti that idea, 1 more point to the Foxbat. The cost was not a big factor, I figured the building a Sav would have been 2/3 the price of the Foxbat and even though the wait time for the Bat has been 8 months, I reckon it would have taken me 2+ years to build a Sav. Don't think I would be wanting to park either plane outside regardless of the covering type. There is a bit of discussion elsewhere comparing the two. Good luck with the decision. PB
  14. I have ordered a Foxbat A22LS and whilst waiting for it to arrive I have been wondering how other owners have pitched their props. I will have the standard 3 blade Kiev, probably factory set to 5200 rpm static. Has anyone changed their pitch and found a different sweet spot for their numbers (take off roll, cruise, max continuous speed)? I will have the big tyre option and long range tanks so will have a be bit more drag if this makes much of a difference. Cheers. Paul
  15. Hi I am a pilot in Hamilton, NZ. Currently flying a Zenair 601xl and liking it plenty but have a thirst for a STOL machine and to build it myself if necessary. I have built a Skyranger before but otherwise am green to the building process although not too daunted by it. Like the extensive forum posts on building the Savannah too! Paul
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