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  1. 1 to 2 million would be the price of a DA62, if a new Cirrus 22 is almost a million.
  2. Wouldn't a single-engine turboprop be better value for money, safer and easier to fly? Even if it was more expensive? Dislcaimer: not buying either.
  3. Flying from home (or an office very close to home) to the hub might cost 30 to 40 % less because of tax advantages.
  4. Oh. Deliberately closing the airport is sad. At Archerfield, close to the centre of Brisbane, it is $20 to land ? 5 per day to park... and you can taxi for free! Controlled airport, too.
  5. Are you the same organisation that ran the Autralian STOL Championship in Tyab in April 2019. If so, where are the results posted?
  6. Turned up in my new post feed!
  7. Just, wow. What was the hub you flew out of in South Australia?
  8. From what I have seen on the internet, the recent extra training that Cirrus has introduced has decreased the Cirrus accident/death rate to a little below the GA average. That means that your friend is wrong to insist that you should not fly in one. It sounds like your friend has had to organise for payments on fatal accidents involving people that he knew and that that has skewed his thinking. As for taking your family flying, the fatal accident in GA is about 1/100 000 hours. If you fly your family 50 hours per year, then you have a risk of death of 1/2000 per year. The all-cause death rate for middle-aged people is about 1/2000 and for older children about 1/500. Those deaths include expected deaths, such as cancer, not just traumatic deaths. Assuming that your family members are healthy, and you fly them 50 hours a year, if they die, it will probably be in your airplane. Does that mean that you should not fly them? Nope. But it does not mean that you have nothing to think about either. Others have pointed out that if would be cheaper and more efficient for your to fly on an airline. It would also be cheaper to hire someone to fly you back and forward in their light aircraft, too. This means that the aircraft you should by is the aircraft that you will enjoy flying that will still be halfway sensible at meeting you needs. Which is will be more *fun*, a Cirrus, a Twin Comanche, a King Katmai, a Barron, a turboprop, a touring Extra 300? My Answer: one or two of the funnest planes around and fly between your farms and the nearest commercial hub. Or, to take your family, one or two Cessna 172's if they are short hops. You can work up to bigger and better planes. Disclaimer: I am learning to fly in an Aeroprakt A22LS Foxbat and have about 10 hrs so far. I am not interested in fun, but in being able to land on rough strips. Taking up one family member at a time will be plenty.
  9. It seems to me that weight-shift trikes, powered parachutes and paragliders are what has replaced the cheap, rag-and-tube ultralights. I don't know much about it, but if you want to fly as cheaply as possible, at all times of the day, a weight shift trike might be the way to go.
  10. APenNameAndThatA


  11. Unable to maintain straight and level flight. Sad, really.
  12. No so. The communication is standardised and the words used in standard conversation varies with time and place. The words cant be the same as in common conversations. Affirm and negative are better than yes and no because having more syllables makes them sound more different. Like yankee and November sound more different than y and n or yes and no. Expedite has a technical meaning that distinguishes it from “whenever”, “soon” and “NOW!!!”
  13. I too have learnt a lot from you, Nev.
  14. True that, they seem to be really polite and helpful. One was a *tiny bit* bit testy when people apparently did not read the NOTAM and kept requesting a departure that apparently was not available that day.
  15. There is an iPhone app called LiveATC. I use it to listen to Archerfield. It has helped a lot. Looking at a map of the aerodrome and the approach points and picturing them in my mind as the pilots speak helps a lot, but is demanding. Knowing what they are going to say helps me understand what they said. Also listening to music at the same time as the app helps me get used to directing my attention to the radio when it starts. I suspect that if I talk to the tower slowly, they will speak slowly back to me. Disclaimer: have about 10 hrs recently. Archerfield has people say "dual" or "solo" if they are training, when they request to taxi. I suspect that that cues them to speak slowly or extra slowly.
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