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  1. APenNameAndThatA

    CASA set to "fix" community service flights

    It reminds me of the joke by the Conchords (? spelling). The year is 2100. The bad news: there are no more elephants. The good news: no more unethical treatment of elephants.
  2. APenNameAndThatA

    Prop recommendations please

    No slanging match? ☹️
  3. APenNameAndThatA

    CASA set to "fix" community service flights

    I'm not saying your wrong, but how do you know?
  4. APenNameAndThatA

    CASA set to "fix" community service flights

    Did CASA give an opinion about the impact on the health of the people if they cannot be transported?
  5. APenNameAndThatA


    Toowoomba North?
  6. APenNameAndThatA


    Didn't she get the memo? It's not "Toowoomba", it's "Brisbane West". I know I'm repeating myself, but fancy naming an airport with a lie. It's like Donald Trump saying that his towers had more floors than they actually did, so they would sound more impressive. Except worse. Worse than Donald Trump. I can't get over someone not piping up and pointing out that doing that just makes the corporation that built the airport look like a duplicitous c***.
  7. APenNameAndThatA

    From airsickness to aerobatics

    I am very vulnerable to airsickness. I have even got airsick on commercial jets. Before I started flying, I used to read in the back of the car while someone else drove me around. Desensetised me.
  8. APenNameAndThatA


    Is it a bit like trying not to think about strawberries?
  9. APenNameAndThatA

    Avoiding the Base-to-Final Stall/Spin

    Here's why I am not going to go with the Jacobson Flair technique of throttle for speed and pitch for height. Conventional Technique Too slow + panic = nose down + speed up + survival (and full power if that makes you too low) (kinetic energy of aircraft increased) Too low + panic = full power + climb + survival (kinetic energy increased) Jacobson Flair Too slow + panic = full power and survive (kinetic energy increased) Too low + panic = nose up + stall + die (kinetic energy is decreased by lifting the nose... until the stall, after which the kinetic energy actually increases...) Disclaimer: recent flight experience = 5 hrs.
  10. APenNameAndThatA

    A Sivana with a bent wing.

    I was aware of the choice I was making. I should have said something at the time and am sorry I didn’t.
  11. APenNameAndThatA

    A Sivana with a bent wing.

    So, if a wing hits the ground, the spar *doesn’t* need to be checked? Thanks for the heads up! Furthermore, conflating stick and ruddder skills and being a top bloke with being a safe operator is ludicrous. When you stood in front of the wingtip, with the bit of ground-off metal, you could not tell that the tip was bent. If yoy stood on the other side of the engine, you could. And, by the same method, you could tell that the other wingtip was not bent. I must say, this thread is most revealing. Not only am I supposed to be deferential to my seniors in general, but it turns out that if someone is an experienced pilot, they are excused from having to get the wing checked after the tip hits the ground!
  12. APenNameAndThatA

    A Sivana with a bent wing.

    The last foot and a half was bent up. You don’t need practical knowlege to know that. Furthermore, people on this site who do have practicable knowledge say that the wing should have been checked even if it wasn’t bent. So where does that leave your comment, Kiwi? Ditto, Kyle.
  13. APenNameAndThatA

    A Sivana with a bent wing.

    The wigntip, the last foot and a half was bent up. It was not just cosmetic danage.
  14. APenNameAndThatA

    Calculating the radius of a skidding turn

    Just wow. I hadn’t thought that there will be a natural tendency for a plane to drop one wing when it stalls. Whichever wing stalls first increases its angle of attack and stalls more, and drops more. Whichever wing does not stall, rises, decreases its angle of attack, goes further from stalling and increaes its lift. No wonder some planes (esp with low, laminar-flow wings) can tend to drop one wing in a stall.
  15. APenNameAndThatA

    YAK 3 pilot sueing

    It seems to me that he has a case. Putting a cherry picker beside a runway is a classic and avoidable latent error. The flipside is that, much as pilots malign the effect that lawsuits have had on flying, it is pilots and their (often grieving) families who have been doing much of the suing.