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  1. Are you suggesting that GA pilots are refusing to pay landing fees and getting GA pilots and RA-AUS pilots banned from airfields? No? No. So you sophistry is boring. If you think VH rego will be cheaper, register VH. Duh.
  2. ... and tell him make sure it's legal, then go ahead and release the details. RAAus members have been dodging costs and ruining it for all of us. Suppose that it is grossly unfair that pilots are charged for using aerodromes - the members doding costs have still been ruining it for the rest of us. Personally, I don't even care if releasing people's details is illegal. If the people who wrote the constitution had foreseen this problem, then they would have made it legal to release members' details to those who collect landing fees.
  3. Fantastic video. I wonder if the jiggling ASI is an advantage of steam gauges over glass ones? I thought that they were going to abort the takeoff because of the cloud but that was not it at all.
  4. There is a tendency for systems to become more efficient over time by decreasing safety. After an accident, the safety is increased and efficiency decreases. Then the process repeats itself. From my point of view, the scary thing is that this means that there are other things that might have been missed.
  5. There is a lot of nonsense spoken about this. A flying instructor once told me that a 24-registered plane needed to have a certified engine to fly in controlled airspace.
  6. "This is an acceptance of councils cash grab with little in return"... Except for the use of the runway. I have never seen the books, but my guess is that RAAus fees do little to make up the cost of maintaining the airport.
  7. This should be sufficient for current, and future, needs.
  8. Disclaimer: 25 total hours, 5 recently. AOPA says that the five bad attitudes are impulsivity, anti authority, macho, invulnerability and resignation. I think that it might be better off changing resignation to agreeableness. The example of resignation is of someone thinking that no more can be done in an emergency. It is much more likely that someone will "resign" to going along with something when they are under social pressure and don't want to back their own judgement to say that something is wrong. Classic crashes, like the ones where copilots did not say no to their captains could be seen as examples of this. The relevance to this situation is exactly how pissed off someone might get because someone tried to kill them (so to speak) through dodgy building methods. Another example of agreeableness causing problems might be someone not wanting to offend and thereby not doing their own preflight. Another way of looking at emotions is that the primary use of the emotion of anger is to push back forcefully when that needs to happen. Anger is a very primitive emotion. So an excessive lack of anger might incline people to go along with situations where someone desperately needs to be told to f--- off. Of course, too much anger will cause really big problems. Anger literally stops the brain's frontal lobes from working as well. The theory is that thinking messes up anger the same-ish way that thinking messes up a golf swing.
  9. Usually vertebrae crushing has the opposite effect and triggers bike selling. No wonder you find flying relaxing. And, wellcome.
  10. Not cheap. No wonder the USA owes China US $ 1 trillion and counting.
  11. Disclaimer: 5 hrs total recently. I think that a better method than not flying if you are worried about the conditions is to have a specific personal minimum. For example, having a personal minimum of a 5 kt crosswind component. That way, you have half made the decision before you get to the field, and will be less likely to make a mistake when weighing variables about if you should fly or not. Emotions, such as fear, are good overall methods of making decisions. Helping decision making is probably the main point of emotions. However, by taking the emotion out of this particular decision, you will make it less likely that your decision will be swayed by the emotions associated with impressing people (women) or getting home urgently.
  12. I suspect that the crash was caused by the pilot being distracted by the reporter's enormous yellow jacket. (Turbo will tell me to remove this post if the matter is going to court at the moment.)