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  1. Over 40+ years, I've owned four. Did they work? No. I wish I had learned from my mistake of 35 years ago.
  2. Farri, You're like me a lot. Fly them until....whatever.....or....."if it ain't broke, don't fix it" crowd. Glad you're getting a ton of fun from little expense! So 227 pounds huh? That is a big horse! I mean that respectfully! Ha! Ha! Anyway, I used to be in the hang glider towing business. 503s. People used to laugh at me towing hang gliders & their sometimes healthy pilots, like Mathew! Farri, no kidding, I would tow them wide open at 6,600 rpm to 2,500 feet. This was done for about 3 years. Same motor with about 300+ total tows with a C box and clutch. Amazingly tough little motor. You take care! Great shots with your manual dexterity. I owned a Fugi Finepix for years. Finally broke. Bill Catalina Florida USA
  3. Watch those uplocks closely flyxpl. Had one slip out on me landing a 45 mph. Cartwheeled.
  4. You said "muscles" Farri....you were spot on! Big guy indeed! What's his weight? Easily a solid 100 kilos anyway. I was trying to see your motor. Is that a 503? I have a 503 in mine and had no problem lifting a 225 pound guy along with my 205 pound frame. Anyway, great shot!
  5. Flyable tow bar I fitted to my 20 year old Tukan Trike. Works perfectly, does not affect airspeed , will not drop downward if bungee gives way.
  6. Seems like Cancer is taking an ever increasing toll on females. I lost a love of my life a few years back & two weeks ago lost a great pilot friend to Cancer. My older brother has it now. My prayerful thoughts to the family. Bill Catalina
  7. What reply? You guys, I love you all, in spite of all. I know you're really at heart good guys, especially you Nev, you've been very kind to me in the past. But, I have to say that if you guys prefer Socialism, Liberalism or Progressivism or Communism, I leave it all to you to enjoy it's fruits. You Aussies have doomed yourselves to failure judging how you have given control over yourselves and your sport and are being led by the nose by the brain dead bureaucrats. That's from what I've learned from past posts. But I guess you really didn't have a choice or maybe some of you actually were gullible (I was going to say stupid but "unthinking" will do) enough to vote these people into power to appoint others to pass these overbearing laws and regulations on you and your sport. But Liberalism and all the other related "isms" have never worked. That is why you see countries like South Africa and Venezuela, our own Republic of California, Germany, England, Sweden (especially) and many others, are beginning or have already collapsed under those same "isms." California is unspeakable. Bankrupt, taxes through the roof trying to keep up with all the give-away programs, bums, druggies, feces, piss, HIV needles infesting the streets. Now, in your perfect fantasy world of goodie, goodie, two shoes, if it were possible to be nice, open, giving and sweet to everyone who bops down the Primrose Path to your door, I agree that that would be wonderful. You know. A free ride. You see, the problem with your fantasy world is that SOMEBODY HAS TO FOOT THE BILL. But we are a country of laws. These immigration and other laws were not established by Trump. Look only to what has happened to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and South Africa where, during 2017, over 78 white farmers have been killed and their farms overtaken by BLACK OPEN BORDER PEOPLE with zero compensation (as if there would be a reason after killing off the farmers) to the white former owners. At 27.2% unemployment and that is just the beginning. What I do respectfully suggest is that all of you who think like Old Koorelah, is to please invite a few of your own illegal immigrants from your own country or send for some of ours over here.....TO LIVE WITH YOU. I think that would be a grand idea. Since you care SO MUCH. I'm sure you guys will get along swell. Just let me know. With my UN WFP contacts, I can set you all up with all the immigrants you desire. One? Ten? Twenty? Just let me know. Please bear in mind that I have spent most of my life in third and fourth world countries flying for the UN World Food Program (not including a triple tour in Vietnam). Also, guess who was assisting me in these difficult African operations....WHITE SOUTH AFRICANS. Now Obama, Abomination Obama that is. Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for doing absolutely nothing. Except, being a dark color. And Hillary. Sweet little Hillary. I can't go on. I feel sorry for you guys. I really do. But I feel especially sorry for your fellow Aussies who agree with me but have to go along with your slide to infinity. But what's funny is that while the world is smarting up and turning to Capitalism while enforcing their own immigration laws, the USA, Australia and other former Capitalistic countries are turning to the failed systems of former Socialist/Communist countries. If it wasn't so sad, it would be a monumental joke.
  8. Old Koorelah, Us butting heads isn't going to change either of our minds. Let's leave it at that. Like my wife attempting to converse with a nice but Liberal lady down the street ("But the Brown Shirts are coming next!"). Right. And Hitler survived too. I told my wife that I get along great with her, I just never mention politics. I'm sure you're a nice person otherwise. You take care. Oh! If interested watch the last 10 minutes of my video (37 total). Bush Pilot Sudan. YouTube...if you want.
  9. Thanks Nev for the input on Lion! And I thought the Germans were Masters of Engineering! Old Koreelah, You're a Lib I could talk to peacefully. The Left has taken over the media here with very few exceptions. From Facebook to CNN. We are descending into Socialism. It's an all-out effort. Research Venezuela. We can't afford open borders. Research South Africa where many of my friends live. We have Trump being investigated while common criminals Hillary & Obama run free. To keep it short, I'll omit details. As for Trump, we know he's not perfect but considering the alternative, no contest. I respect your opinion but I live by following my common sense. It's always worked in sometimes difficult situations.
  10. Amazing! Thanks for the link! I'm 69. Been flying & studying aircraft since I was 8 years old but that motor is something that got by me. Thanks again!
  11. Yes, I know the Typhoon. Had a large rounded scoop nose sort of. Could pack a punch. Thanks for clarifying that. A "double flat" motor? Never heard of an engine design like that. I'll Google it. Taken literally, that's two sets of horizontally opposed cylinders. Maybe that's the reason for the large rounded intake. Friend of mine sold his Mustang to a guy in Germany for a cool 1 million. Too cheap! Thanks! Very interesting!
  12. That just about says it all PM. Speaking of that, when I bought my Drifter, I never gave a thought to the colors. Just thought it was a nice pretty color.....until one of my hangar pals asked me if I've started to "inhale the big ones!" That's his talk for my being a fag for which I am 100% NOT. I took exception of course & asked him what the hell he was talking about! He said "It's your colors man!" "What colors?" "The colors on your damn ultralight you Dummy! You bought a Fag/homo/queer ultralight!" "Why? What the hell?" "It's the same colors as that Rainbow fag group!" "Oh Crap! So that's why I've been getting so many limp wristed waves from guys along the beach!" "Yeah, no shit!"9
  13. Laughing! Aussie flag stickers made in China! I remember back in the late 50s early 60s everything came from Japan & was a big joke! At least the Chinese stuff is better quality. Japs caught up quick though! Question: Is this the same Typhoon (gear wouldn't lower) that the guy put in the water just off the English coast when he could've just as easily landed it gear up on land?
  14. Red, That's terrible about you Aussies flag display situation. We're not far behind but when I hear of crap like that I think of our forefathers...your brave & proud Aussies with their digger hats who fought in WW II & Vietnam. Our guys over here too. They all sacrificed thoroughly for us! Incredible that things have come to this sad state of affairs. It's why I have no respect for bueraucracy or my brainless, know nothing fellow citizens! Monkey see - Monkey do. Lemmings.
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