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  1. Safety, safety, an more bloody safety. It's just so those at the top of an organization can express a concern to justify holding their position. I worked in the higest levels of health and safety for years, and seen no positive change in the workplace. People need to be held responsible for their own actions, and not have others force them to comply with unrealistic procedures. If these people want to see change in safety, get those push bike riders off the roads and on to cycle tracks. I fly and have done so for over forty years, l never take passenger's because flying, driving or riding a bike is risky, when you rely on mechanical devices at altitude or speed you risk your life, that's why l don't involve anyone in my activities. It's a matter of preference, what we choose to get our kicks is our choice, and accept the risks involved, l don't ride my Harley chopper anymore, it's too risky on the roads today. I drive a beefed up Land Cruiser to protect myself from idiots on the roads but still fly because there's much less risk involved. It all comes down to luck, good management and preventative maintenance, even then it can still stuff up a good day. It's called Murphys Law. l should know, l wrote the book and have survived, ( so far )
  2. The original top wing my be available, it's been replaced with an all metal one, as the plane has undergone a full refurbishment. And new engine.
  3. No it wasn't. Don your memory is mistaken . Lying thieving Bob S owned it for a while, but never built it, he liked people to think he did, but he did some work on it. It was built by Nigel Arnott at Camden. And yes, it still is a great little plane. It's built stronger than a Pitts S1. One of the few pilots that have flown this plane, an Australian aerobatic champion, would love to own it, as this was one of the planes he started his career in.
  4. The pilot was self taught, and is still flying aero's, they say: 'there's old pilot's an bold pilots, but there's no old bold pilot's' This blokes in his 70's and arial mustering stock. Don't be to quick to pick fault with people you know nothing about.
  5. The very first Rotax 912 that Bert imported into Australia. And it's still in good nick.
  6. But you don't have any idea, and know nothing about it.
  7. That's correct, you must have done a lot of aero's to notice that.
  8. G'day Lancer. l thought there were trike riders at St Helens, but I've never seen any around my stompin grounds, I'm at the mouth of, and across the Tamar River from George Town air strip. l've often thought of tryin a trike just for the experience, but never got the opportunity, sometimes I'd like to fly slow over some remote areas up in NSW. Hope ya find em,
  9. G'day. It seems that a few people want to visit remote places in Aus, l also prefer this sort of flying. I regularly fly from my home field (Tassy) to: Leithbrige, Swan Hill, Wentworth, Renmark, and many other places north. l always fly on my own as it's hard to find anyone to fly with, most prefer to fly around the hanger or inside it. Oz Runways is a great flight planner and gives heaps of useful info. Wanna go north of Melbourne? Wentworth is definitely worth a visit. Then William creek is a must see, but grab a cooked chook at Wentworth for Trevor. (all will be made clear at William Creek) Try some Opal noodling at Cooper Pedy or Lightning Ridge.
  10. To: Kenlsa and other's. You made me smile, thank's, l needed that. CASA, (Cretins Against Sensible Avation) Will always win while we let them, and RAAus tell us they are making beneficial changes to recreational flying (at a snail's pace and a price) But for the last 20 the RAAus as far as l can see have only spent our money on silk sheets, and still go down on their knees to CASA. I would have liked to go to Avalon this year but first need to be briefed by a CFI, register an accurate arrival time and ditch my life jacket fly with just enough fuel to meet my 600 kg MTOW. A phone call to the RAAus office on a bother matter informed me that the new weight increase had been approved and was on the desk at CASA waiting to be signed off. This was NOT true, but should have been. So I'll saddle up for a trip to Cooper Pedy instead. So instead I'll just ignore the bull $#! ¥ an just do my own thing, and if everyone else united and put the pressure on the establishment we might just possibly make a change. But that will never happen. I think it will just get too expensive and too political in the future to fly for enjoyment. Check out the link below, looks like another site to advertise a plane, but some of it's in a foreign language and Richard doesn't like to make a phone call. http://www.aircraft4sale.com.au/
  11. Bernie Knight - based at YLED Lethbridge Airpark. Spending a lot of time at Kingston Tas. Best number is 0408564448 0408KNIGHT
  12. Usual battery joints sell these, identical to original only cheaper this one's been goin for 7 years so far. It's a BP-7H
  13. Yep! I remember it with dribble runnin down me chin, exactly as you describe it. Found some great stuff there, we used to take a play lunch an spend the day in that avatars heaven. I wanna go there again if it's still operating an was told IT IS.
  14. Just goes to show ya, believe nothin what ya hear an only half ov what ya see. An check out everythin. I've got as much stuff off the Lycoming Web site as l could find and keep lookin for more.
  15. Bugga! I had me hopes pinned on that course. If only l could find an engineer that would teach me something on Lycoming's, I'd sweep the floor, clean the dunny an the smok'o room even make the tea an scone's. Steve Hobby sounds like a decent bloke, me prop's startin to look like it needs a bit of a buff an balance but still goes round smooth. Should av gone into the RAAF instead of the Army an become a LAME instead of plant operator.
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