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Change in weight limmit

Guest Solocmv

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Guest Solocmv

Hello All,


I am wondering if RAA do get their weight limmit raised to 760.


Which aircraft previously ruled out will be elegable?


People are talking of Vans and Tigermoth. These dont seem to even come close or am I missing something?







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Guest OzChris

1. The proposed weight change is to include aircraft up to a MTOW of 750kg (not 760kg)


2. For an aircraft to 'fit' in this new category (if and when it gets the green light) it must, as I see it, comply with the same criteria set out now (apart from the obvious weight change). That is, it must comply with at least one of the 3 international design standards (as laid out under CAO101.55):


*From CAO 101.55:


* the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration's FAR Part 23


* the British Civil Aviation Requirement Section K


* the European Joint Aviation Authority's certification standard CS-VLA which is the very light or sports aircraft legislation covering one or two place, non-aerobatic, VMC only aircraft up to 750 kg* MTOW, 45 knots maximum Vs1 and a type certified engine.


* or some other acceptable standard or combination of standards.


*Note 1: Since November 1996 the published RA-Aus policy has been that the MTOW for aeroplanes registered by RA-Aus that have been CS-VLA certificated [to 750 kg] could be extended to the 750 kg of the European design standard, or any other suitable design standard that allows up to 750 kg.


CASA have a low priority certification project [CS 06/01] underway which may result in the inclusion of that change during the CASR Part 103's first post-implementation review.


When and if this gets the go ahead by CASA, it will be implemented by RAAus...if an aircraft fits the criteria of the category, it can be registered in that division - subject to CASA & RAAus approval of course.


For instance:


If an aircraft's MTOW is over 750kg it would NOT be able to be registered RAAus in that category.




If the stall is is higher than 45 knots Vs1 it would NOT be able to be registered RAAus in that category,




more than 2 seats - and so on...


The Tiger Moth has a MTOW of 828kg (approx.), so that will not fit in this new weight category.


RAAus will only accept an aircraft in that category if ALL criteria has been met, not just the weight.


There are a lot of 'experts' out there that are speculating and presuming a lot of things, but at the end of the day, the only aircraft that will fit in this new weight category are those that fit RAAus regulatory framework.



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