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Big News from Lycoming!

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Lycoming announces that they are entering the LSA/Recreational market with the brand new IO 233 LSA Engine...






EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2008, billed as "The World's Greatest Aviation Celebration," was indeed great for Lycoming Engines. Thousands of enthusiasts visited Lycoming's exhibit as new products and technologies were unveiled one after another. Lycoming introduced their iE2 Integrated Electronic Engine, their new IO-233-LSA Light Sport Aircraft engine, and Lycoming's first Echelon STC engine. The public also previewed the soon-to-be-certified IO-390-A1A6 and Lycoming's new Thunderbolt offering, the turbocharged TIO-360-EXP. Lycoming also made news outside the exhibit area with Reno AirRace winner Jon Sharp breaking the world speed record in his class on Wednesday with his Lycoming Thunderbolt-Powered NemesisNXT. His average speed of 356 mph over a measured 3 kilometer course shattered the previous record.

On Thursday, at a special press conference, Ian Walsh, Lycoming senior vice president and general manager, announced the third annual Lycoming-Lindbergh Grant recipient, Dr. Ganesh G. Raman, for his project entitled, "Ultrasonic Actuators for Quiet Aircraft." Walsh stated, "We applaud Dr. Ganesh G. Raman for a project which promises to be a true advancement in technology that will benefit aviation, humanity and the environment."


iE2 Series Integrated Electronic Engine Lycoming's Integrated Electronic Engine, the iE2, sets a standard for piston engine control. Lycoming's total system, designed for safety, simplicity and fuel efficiency, is integrated into the engine, not just bolted on. Advanced technology provides single-lever engine control, knock detection, improved starting, and automated preflight safety checks with computer logic controlling fuel, turbocharger and propeller. In addition, the iE2 can be configured to run and even self-adapt to a wider range of gasoline, potentially including Lycoming-approved premium automotive fuel blends.


The first iE2 model, planned for FAA certification in 2009, will be the TEO-540-A1A, a high performance 350HP, 540 cubic inch, twin-turbocharged and intercooled engine. Prior to certification, a non-certified version of this iE2 model will be available as a Thunderbolt engine option for advanced experimental aircraft.


IO-233-LSA Light Sport Aircraft Engine


The Lycoming IO-233-LSA model displayed at Oshkosh is a light sport aircraft engine undergoing final performance and endurance testing. American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) conformance will be completed in 2008, and FAA certification is under consideration for 2009.


The less restrictive Light Sport Aircraft classification opens the market to more pilots, owners, airframe manufacturers and builders. Lycoming's IO-233-LSA provides this growing segment with a genuine Lycoming engine based on the reliable O-235 at a substantially reduced weight and size. The engine's 2,400 hour time between overhaul (TBO) is one of the longest Light Sport Aircraft engine TBOs in the market. The IO-233-LSA will be approved for unleaded fuels and automotive based fuels that conform to Lycoming specifications.

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