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AG Flying !!


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Guest g_i_jack029

Speaking of ag flying, Mr. Wayne Cowan.....THE Mr. Wayne Cowan was in my area today :) watched him get off the runway and the sound an AT-402 Air Tractor makes......OMG!!!!!!!!!!! my legs were shaking and adrenalin pumping!!!! watched him pull up and showed off his belly. Beautiful aircraft beautiful sound!!!!


Then later on in the day a Cirrus SR 20 landed on the strip......and i tell ya, the amount of power a cirrus SR 20 has must be crazy because it was only a few hundred meters before he was off the runway (very slight breeze down the runway) i sat at the edge of the strip and watched him do his run-up and WOW does that thing look sexy!!!!! like seriously a sexy piece of aircraft!!!!!!


.......again the Cirrus had my legs shaking pretty badly and soo much adrenalin i think i could have raced it down the runway!!!!


Both Very nice aircraft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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