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And I thought TAA was an airline....


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...and I suppose that's true- as in past tense- but until they revamp the English curriculum many folks these days wouldn't know what that meant....


And I guess that dates me then- born in the 50's (when English was taught proper...), and grew up in the 60's when we had two airlines and were grateful to Bob Menzies for that. I had my first airliner ride in an Ansett-Airlines of SA DC3 lying flat on my back (well, after take-off that is, more of an inclined "plane" before that- pun intended) and rotten Reggie charged Mum and Dad two fares for the privilege....


First aircraft I clapped eyes on was a Tiger Moth used for topdressing on Kangaroo Island flown by the legendary Pat Crowther (who is still about the place). Never thought I'd ever get to fly in one, let alone own a piece.


Incidentally I saw a Tiger being used to dust the "swamps" (now we call them "wetlands") where West Lakes now stands with what was probably DDT. If you built a house there don't let your kids eat the dirt....


The same condition that put me on the DC3 in the 50's (and into a position where I could watch the West Lakes Tiger) also precluded an Air Force career and made a Commercial career decidedly risky, so I decided to earn my keep another way and keep flying as a recreation. In hindsight, this may have been the best decision, although that's probably just cognitive dissonance (the more astute among you will be able to deduce my occupation from that comment...).


Discovered gliding in 1970 because it was cheap and began thumbing my way to and from Waikerie on the weekends for one or maybe two flights until I began working and then the addiction really set in. Restricted PPL and tug plane endorsement followed soon after (introduced to Austers at this point) and glider instructor's ticket somewhat later. There followed 20 years of unadulterated bliss with ridge soaring camps, local competitions, wave soaring, FAA Diamond badge number 83 (in Oz), numerous friends and acquaintances from all over the country and some great memories.


Ran out of things to do in gliding around about 1990 (I was never very competitive), bought a share in a Tiger (because I could) and got hooked into the world of Vintage aviation.


Purchased "Dorothy May" (a venerable Auster of 1946 vintage) and began hopping all over the country in it with The Navigator from about 1995 onwards. Numerous adventures later and I'm still not sick of it, but I earn some criticism from my AAAA mates because she's in use so much that I never get the time to make her look pretty. Ah well, there's them what builds and there's them what flies, and there aren't many with the time or resources to do both.....





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Guest Chainsaw

Gday and welcome Coop :)


Pleased you joined us here at TAA. There is a few other old fellas around here too. Keep an eye out for 'sixtiesrelic', you guys can swap a few stories.







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