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Hi, I'm Carl, aka Spin from the Gold Coast Hinterland in Qld. Got my PPL 12 years ago, but usual story, work, family and a move over here interfered with the fun. With the family now settled, house bought etc, I'm looking to get involved again and will be taking a closer look at both GA and recreational types.


I flew a Jabi for a bit and loved it, but unless I'm missing something, they don't seem all that popular around here? Any suggestions on where to look or alternatives to look for, gratefully received.







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Guest OzChris

Hi Carl - welcome to TAA!


RAAus is a great way to fly...fun and economical!!


Have you checked out the RAAus site HERE? Heaps of great stuff...


The list of approved Flight Training Schools is listed HERE (PDF)


Again - WELCOME!



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